William Lane Craig on ‘extraordinary claims’

I heard a recent debate with Craig and Robert Price where Craig argues that Carl Sagan’s quote “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” is not required  or is irrelevant concerning the resurrection of Jesus, because we see extraordinary claims all the time and they are every-day experiences.   Craig compares the resurrection  with….wait for it…. the Lottery!  Craig claims that since the different lotteries in the country have  less than one-in-a-million chance of winning, and people do win most every week. So the resurrection isn’t that big of claim.  I almost laughed out loud at his response!

Not only this demeans one of the main precepts of Christianity, but it is a category error and a non-sequitur argument.  Raising a person from the dead is a supernatural event. Winning the lottery is not.  Plus the lottery is a man-made event. Plus if it was a rare event, people would not be winning it every week!  A

Generally, I see Craig’s arguments easily arguable with just a few critical thinking skills.  Atheists should not be afraid to debate Christina apologists even of the highest order.


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  1. Larry says:

    Well,then. Craig should have no qualms about the existence of the tooth fairy. I have seen many, many examples of the work this creature has done. Tooth under pillow one night and the next morning there’s money in it’s place! Over and over again. I’m not talking about a story handed down through oral tradition. I saw the teeth and the money first-hand.

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