Why am I Angry?

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Why I am angry?

From Greta Christina at skepticon 4.  See the video HERE and her blog HERE

I’m angry that over 40% of Americans will not vote for an atheist president

Up until 1961 atheists could not hold public office or serve on a jury or testify in court

Atheists in the US are regularly denied custody of their children in family court explicitly because they do not believe in God.

An atheist blogger in Iran must blog anonymously in fear of being executed by his own   government

School boards 80 years after the scopes trial, are spending time, money and resources on the battle to eliminate evolution in public schools

That science teachers in public schools don’t teach evolution because of their religious beliefs depriving children of the tools they need to survive in the world

Pleople are dying in Africa because the Catholic church is telling them that condoms do not cause AIDS.

I’m angry because preachers tells married women to submit to their husbands even if they are abused by their husbands

That belief in reincarnation in India are taught that it is their fault that they are poor based on a past live

People are Africa are being tortured and killed because preachers tell parents their children are witches

Parents and religious leaders terrorize their children with stories of torture from religious stories

Women are taught to fear their femaleness.

In Mormon in religious cults are told they are going to hell for eternity for not marrying men who they are told to marry.

In SLC, Utah, 40% of homeless teenagers are gay because the families have kicked them out of the house. Because of their religious beliefs.

High schoolers in public schools, when trying to legally organize an atheist club are being stonewalled by their high school administration.

I’m angry that when Catholic priests rape children and tell them that it’s God’s will, and they head of the church deliberately protects these priests.

I’m angry about 911. And that many people around the world blame all Muslims for it.

That Jerry Falwell told the American public that 911 was the fault of allowing gays to exist in the USA.

That the Budist statues, 1500 old, was blown up by the religiously-based Taliban

Little girls are getting their clitorises cut of to ‘cleanse’ them, and that

That in Islamic countries, women that are raped can be executed by adultery laws

That a 9-year old girl in Brasil, impregnated by her step-father, was excommunicated along with her mother and the doctor who performed an abortion on her, and the man who raped her was not excommunicated

In 13 states in the U.S. religiously-based child care centers do not have to follow any child-care guidelines or regulations and do not have to be licensed

That children of religious families are harmed and die by parents withdrawing medical treatment that will anger their god and replacing it with prayer. And in 39 states, these parents are protected by law

That the hypocritical behavior by religious leaders cheating, lying behaving ‘un-Chistinan like’  have few consequences among their flock

That Christian make accusation of atheists without talking to one, nor researching how atheistic counties have a much better societal health than religions ones

That Christian believe our universe was ‘designed’ by God just for humans, and atheists respond that the earth (and us) are an infintesimily small part of the universe – and Christians call atheists arrogant

I’m angry, but I have to know about the other religions than they do

And much much more on the video  – see it – it’s great and even a little comical.