What’s wrong with religion?

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What is so harmful about religion?  I’ll make some main points without going into too much detail.

It isn’t what people believe, but it is what follows their belief as behavior that is harmful.  Some of these might not be ‘your’ religion, but they all stem from the Abrahamic religions.

The decision of what is moral and what is not should be made on the effect of human suffering.

  1. 911 – nuf said – no – more needs to be said.  The highjackers did what they did because they truly believed that not only they were going straight to heaven but bringing 70 of their closest relatives to heaven as well.   And they were educated men – all had bachelors degrees, several had masters and one was engaged.
  2. Stem cell research (and other scientific research) is hindered because the religious want to protect a supernatural ‘soul’ therefore delaying medical discoveries that will heel thousands in the future. Just think what our great-grandchildren with think of this generation when Alzheimers and Parkinsons are finally cured.  I suppose laughing would be in order.
  3. Religious-based abstinence programs actually cause MORE pregnancies and MORE abortions than sex-education programs.  This is simply immoral.  there is not one pier-reviewed study which supports abstinence programs.
  4. Preventing condoms from being used in AIDS- infested countries.  This one Christian policy accounts for tens of thousands of lives.
  5. Parents hating their gay children because they believe they are going to a mythical hell.  What happened to the religion of love?
  6. There are currently 16 states which protect parent from prosecution if they restrict or deny medical care form their children for religious reason.  Many of the children die as a result.  (see whatstheharm.net)
  7. Faith-based politics policies take my money and give it to religious organizations.  This is a flagrant violation of the separation of church and state.
  8. Most states do not require any safeguards for young pre-schoolers in organizations that are religious based. No certified teachers or counselors.
  9. In Africa, many pseudo-priests are convincing parents to turn against their own children after telling them that their children are bewitched.  Sometimes a year’s salary is paid to the ‘priest’.  sometimes the children are beaten or killed.
  10. Sexual child abuse – not only by Catholic priests but by many moderately Christina ministers – worldwide. and Catholic world wide still support this evil empire.
  11. All religions in America give no property taxes to government, but this wasn’t always so – it was the religious infusion into politics which changed this.  We need their property taxes more than ever now.  Plus ministers or anyone who works for a religious organization (even janitors or basketball couches) can claim a ‘housing allowance, increasing the tax burden for the rest of us.
  12. It takes a high0ranking IRS official to start an auditing process for any church – less than a dozen have been audited in 40 years.  Basically the churches have no accounting of the wealth they bring in.
  13. Faith Healing is one of the most tragic and malevolent practices in today’s society and should be outlawed.  Sick people ar giving money to these charlatans and how do they feel when their deity does not grace their presence?.
  14. Male and female genital mutilation is done in Muslim countries for one reason – religious traditions and sexual control of females.
  15. The dark ages – 900 years of scientific repression – the only area on earth which prospered was China and Persia – both without the religious stranglehold on science.
  16. The Crusades and the Inquisition – some say 250,000 and some say up to a million from but brutal murders. Not to mention the Yugoslavian genocide of the 1990’s.
  17. Jim Jones, Heavens Gate, Brand Davidians, and hundreds more who perished because of their beliefs while inside cults. BTW – Christianity started as a cult.
  18. The psychological damage of those children who live in fear of damnation.
  19. Some REALLY stupid things that religions sects do (again see whatstheharm.net)
  20. The rejection of same-sex people to have the same rights as others.
  21. Christianity has previously denounced the rights of slaves, women’s right to vote, interracial marriage, in vitro fertilization, and now, gay rights.  Funny how every issue Christianity has been against becomes mainstream after several years!
  22. AA has a 12 step program, but why how would a non-believer feel when they are pressed to admit of a supreme being to help their alcoholism?
  23. Christianity has previously and are still denouncing scientific research – from the sun being the center of the solar system to  cloning and the designing of DNA.  All efforts by religion has hampered science and prolonged suffering of the human race.

These are just a few.  There are hundreds more.  Religion causes orders of magnitude more human suffering than any one thing on earth – but it doesn’t matter to them because there is a  mythical eternal heaven to (not) go to.  The fear of hell and a reward of heaven  is a powerful force which changes people’s behavior from rational to delusional.  I hope this gives you some food for thought.