What is an Evidencialist?

Generally speaking, atheists and skeptics are labelled into two different groups:

1. Some atheists are not skeptics.  This group does not believe a god or gods exist, but may believe in ghosts, UFOs Bigfoot, acupuncture, 911 conspiracies and other issues which are not supported by science.

2. Some skeptics are not atheists.  This group only believes in claims supported by scientific conciseness and evidence but also believes in either a deity or some unknowable ‘higher power’.

An evidencialist is a skeptic and an atheist.   This definition covers ALL supernatural and unproven claims which are not supported by pier-reviewed articles and a generous dose of scientific evidence.  If you are an evidencialist you do not believe a god exists and you do not believe in any claim not supported by a consensus of the those in any specific scientific field.

By calling yourself an evidencialist, you avoid the ‘A’ word.  And no matter how much I promote ‘coming out’, sometimes it’s appropriate to  just say you are an evidencialist so you can bypass talking directly about religion or conspiracy theories.  It usually promotes the inquiry of others without categorizing you in a box or specific belief.

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