What Can Atheism Offer?

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I’m often asked this question: “What can skepticism and atheism offer?”

Many people say to me “Well, you don’t believe in anything then!” No – we just don’t believe in any supernatural or unnatural powers. We do accept the fact that this is our only time here on earth. Most atheists agree with the humanist manifesto at secular humanisim as well.
I asked the Backyard Skeptics members what atheism has to offer,  Here are their responses:

We believe in science and the natural laws around us.

To feel comfortable without believing in religious myth or superstition

To accept evidence and repeatable experiments as truth

To accept that some answers are simply unanswerable, however, science is ‘filling in the holes’ where God once was, one item at a time.

To feel comfortable with the ‘unknown’ will possibly always remain the ‘unknown’.

Atheism encourages people to embrace this lifetime as the only one you’re going to get because heaven doesn’t exist. So choose your actions well, live life to the fullest, don’t take advantage of loved ones and resolve conflicts with friends and family quickly. Don’t think that you’ll have an opportunity to make it up to people in heaven someday. Live today!

To know we live in a natural world with no supernatural humans with supernatural powers or a supernatural deity that has direct control over us and performs feats outside the laws of physics.

To take responsibility for our own actions, and not blame it on some invisible man in the sky

To know that we are here on this earth for our lifetime, and know this is the only chance we get to ‘get it right’ There is no afterlife, no soul that leaves our body.

To feel better knowing there is not an omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent entity that has power over us, and that we set our own morals not an a rule book, but on a situation by situation basis.

Atheism and skepticism raises the consciousness of individuals and let’s them explore their natural world without any delusions of myths and superstitions.

Atheism is the most mentally honest alternative, as well as the least contradictory one, and since we do not observe any evidence for gods outside of personal belief, disbelieving is the most rational alternative.

Direct from our members:

The knowledge that we can be good people without religion

Freedom from delusion and illusion

Freedom from guilt created by religions

I take comfort knowing that the unknown does not have to be explained by myth and superstition.

Being an rational atheist reduces fear, reduces hatred and reduces anxiety and encourages a good and confident feeling about ones identity without unprovable superstitious beliefs

True knowledge of the here and now

I receive comfort by using science to explain the world around me.

I can replace God with my humanity

Peace of mind

You can love others that are of faith

You can examine the facts without the tribal bais of religion

I feel good about myself without having to follow a rulebook

It is a burden-removing experience knowing there is no hell or heaven

When something bad happens to you, you don’t have to go on a guilt trip thinking god is punishing you

I will take comfort that when I die I will be in the same state as before I was conceived

and finally….I can sleep in on Sundays