Welcome to Backyard Skeptics

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Where humanists, rational thinkers, atheists and agnostics have a place to explore the world without religious dogma.

We are a group of skeptics with a heavy atheist ‘bent’.

To add yourself to our confidential email list, visit Meetup.com HERE and sign up.

We have monthly meetings with interesting topics each month as well as movie nights, science-oriented field trips and outreach programs to encourage other non-believers to join our group. We meet on the fourth Wednesday or Thursday of each month. See our MEETUP.COM page for the next event

Our Purpose: To support the atheist, agnostic, skeptic and humanist community with local meetings, potluck parties, food drives for the homeless and other events. We also support all efforts to keep church and state separate. We enjoy spreading the word that skeptics and non-believers are good and moral people, and we cherish humanistic values over any supernatural superstitions. We encourage others to look at their world view with critical thinking skills so they too can feel they can be good without God.

Our Goal: To increase social and community activities for the skeptic community and to increase our numbers by showing that being a skeptic or atheist has many advantages over superstitious belief systems. Our goal is not to convert people away from their religious beliefs. We believe they will do that on their own if they ask enough questions and explore the answers from a more rational life-stance.

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