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I will survive – comedy


9/1/16  Why you should not pray

1/22/16 Rats have empathy!

4/18/15  Great science video

3/29/15 Lawrence Kraus – Science, faith and religion

3/15/15  Best response for the problem of evil from Stephen Frye

3/24/14 How do we know what is true?

12/1/13  Who Says Science has Nothing to Say About Morality? (Harris and Dawkins)

8/13/13 Laweernce Krauss debates William Lane Craig

4/24/13 Hilarious Speech about Gay Marriage from United Kindom’s Parliament

4/4/13 What type of atheist are you?  

2/22/13  Debunking Glen Beck & David Barton

2/3/13 Catholic Hell: Faith fails as sex abuse in church silenced

12/6/12  Jon Stewart Tears Into Fox News And Bill O’Reilly For Outrage Over The War On Christmas
11/8/12  RICHARD DAWKINS: Sex, Death And The Meaning Of Life. [HD] 720p. Episode 1

9/1/12  Bill Nye on Creationists
8/25/12 ABC Nightline report on Camp Quest
8/21/12  Stephen Hawking: ”God did not create the universe”
8/11/12 Bruce, Michael and Ray Comfort at the HB Pier
8/1/12  Religion and Babies
6/14/12  ‘The Assassination of Dr. Tiller’
6/12/12  Julia Sweeney talks about birth control
6/12/12    Q&A – Richard Dawkins and Cardinal George Pell (1/4)  (2/4) (3/4)
5/1/12   Sean Faircloth: Do Something About the Religio-Industrial Complex 
5/2/12  Morality in Animals (TED)
4/27/12  The Virus of Faith (Richard Dawkins)
4/10/12  Abstinence Fail: State With The Highest Teen Birth Rate Is…  (video)
4/3/12 MSNBC on Atheism and the Rally
3/28/12 Great video of the Reason Rally (I was there – you MUST go if you can – next time) O’Reilly’s Video
Neil DeGress Tyson – The Erosion of Progress by Religions

3/24/12 Pat Robertson – Don’t build houses in tonato alley or over faults?

3/16/12 Slaves obey your masters’ billboard torn down
Skeptoid #300: The Secret of the Gypsy Queen (please subscribe to
Neil Tyson presentation about intelligent design
The ten best arguments against Creationists Part 1  Part 2
A Universe From Nothing’ by Lawrence Krauss
3/3/12  Gingrich on Atheism
The Devil is In The Details (or any Youtube by Edward Current)
Jesus – I will survive
Is America a Christian Nation?
Atheism is a Religion like Abstinence is like a Sex Position Bill Maher

“Why Romney’s Religion Matters” by Sean Faircloth

Penn Jillette: Atheists Are Better Educated in General

David Fitzgerald Skepticon 3 “Examining the Existence of a Historical Jesus”
Richard Dawkins- Why Are We Here
Is there a Moral Molecule?
Search Youtube for ‘Critical Thinking’ for many great videos
That Mitchell and Webb Look: Homeopathic A&E  (comedy)
Woman acts like dog in church
Sam Harris – Ask me anything #2
How to Argue Against ‘In God We Trust’ in City Council Meetings
Act like atheists when a hurricane is coming
Does God Have A Future (ABC News)
One of the best Hitchen’s rants against religion
Enemies of Reason by Dawkins
Betty Bowers explains Traditional marriage (comedy)
What happens if you really follow the Bible Sam Harris
God Bless Atheism Pat Condell
The Bible is Bullshit Penn & Teller
Preacher Manipulates Kids into Donating Money 8/24/11