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Orange County Freethought Alliance Conference 2012  $45

Watch 15 of the most influential secular speakers including Mr Deity, Michael Shermer, Brian Dunning, Edward Tabash, Robert Price, Richard Carrier, Barbara Forrest, Helina Dadabhoy, Dave Richards, Dan Barker, Dave Silverman, Aron Ra and Phil Zuckerman.


Orange County Freethought Alliance conference 2011   $45

Enjoy all 13 seminars and the evening’s SHOW with Thomas Jefferson and the one-and-only Jesus (Troy Conrad) on this 3-DVD set. Tpaed with three 16×9 wide-screen cameras with digital sound. Over 8 hours of video.   Speakers include Mr Deity, Sean Faircloth, Brian Dunning, Jim Underdown, Rebecca Watson, Eugenie Scott, Vic Stenger, Sadie Crabtree, James Corbett, Tim Callahan, Carl Zimmer

Orange County Freethought Alliance conference 2010   $35
Review all 12 seminars and the evening sessions on this 2-DVD set. Over 7 hours of video.  Speakers include Michael Shermer, Dan Barker, PZ Myers, John Shook, Edward Tabash, Joe Nickell, William Lobdell, Brian Dunning, Stephanie Campbell, Phil Zuckerman

Orange County Atheist Cable TV Shows – the first 18 episodes  $30

Watch the first 18 episodes of the OCATV show on this three-DVD set.  Over 9 hours of interesting guests, controversial topics, and educational conversation. Click HERE to purchase

San Diego Secular Humanist Conference 2011  $Special$  $25 (normally $45)

Wonderful and entertaining speakers,engaging insights and thought-provoking lectures. Enjoy over 8 hours of insightful lectures on a 2-DVD set from:

Dan Barker, Freedom From Religion Foundation Co-President, August Berkshire, Long time Atheist Activist workhorse and tireless Humanist Activist, Tom Flynn, CSH Director, David G. McAfee author of Disproving Christianity, Mr. Deity, Brian Keith Dalton, Bobbie Kirkhart, Atheists United President, Sean Faircloth, Secular Coalition for America Director, Roy Speckhardt, American Humanist Association Executive Director, Maggie Ardiente, American Humanist Association Development Director, Jason Frye, LGBT Humanist Council Coordinator and Humanist Association of San Diego President, Michael Newdow, Lawyer and spearheading the removal of the In God We Trust motto