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Enjoy watching our Backyard Skeptics series of lectures and engaging conversation.  Most lectures include an educational Q&A at the end.  To purchase any of the following DVDs, select BYS Meetings in the ‘Purchase and Order’ page

The Christian Reich, Fetal Idolatry & Female Reproductive Enslavement 
by Charles Rulon, Emeritus, Life Sciences,  Long Beach City College

The Christian Right is arguably the largest, best organized and most powerful force in American politics today. No other political group comes even close.  Yet, the uncompromising position of the Christian Right toward women with unwanted pregnancies puts an ugly face on democracy, on social justice and on the spirit of love and compassion.

Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion: An Anthropological Survey of the Supernatural World with Adrian Novotny, Ph.D. $12l

In this presentation, magic, witchcraft, and religion was defined, compared, and contrasted. We surved the evolution of human spirituality from its earliest manifestations to the present and beyond. How is it that some form of supernatural beliefs and behaviors constitute a cultural universal, that is, spirituality seems to be a significant component of all human cultures throughout time and space.

Craig A. James, author of The Religion Virus $12

The Religion Virus will take you on a fascinating tour of the peculiar history of religion, from the first animist religions to modern Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Explore thememe as a unit of “idea evolution.” Discover why religion is the result of ten thousand years of “survival of the fittest” of competing ideas. Learn how meme evolution favors the most infectious ideas, the things people want to believe, with little regard to whether those ideas are true or false.

Thomas Quinn    “God Needs Therapy” (a comedy) $12


Videotaped at a Backyard Skeptics meeting in July of 2011, Mr. Quinn presents a hilarious tragedy by telling the story of the Christian God’s Bible from the beginning and how, if  God were human, he would be at a shrinks office twice a week! Thomas not only  entertains but educates as well.  His knowledge of the Bible and its incredulous parables makes an interesting mix. He is the author of the book “What Do You Do with A Chocolate Jesus?”

Dr. Richard Carrier    “How Christianity Began Is Proof Enough It’s Bunk” $12

Dr. Richard Carrier discussed some  of the essential features of how and when the Christian religion began and why it looks exactly like just another religious cult of its time and place,  and not at all like the idea of a universal god.

Atheists in Prison: How the law, culture, psychology  shape prison populations  $12

Dr. Sarah Dunn speaks about: “Atheists in Prison: How the law, culture, and
psychology shape prison populations”.  Sarah just received her PhD while working  in prisons for the past few years and shared some very interesting experiences while working in California state prisons.

Ingemar Hulthage – Is the ‘mystery of being’ a challenge to the atheist world view $12

Is the ‘mystery of being’ a challenge to the atheist world view?  When the book “The Grand Design” by Stephen W. Hawkings and Leonard Mlodinow, was published in September 2010, it was widely reported that new theories have made a creator of the universe redundant and that Professor Hawking has changed his beliefs.

Joe Nickell – Relics of the Christ $12

Joe Nickell, the only full-time paranormal investigator, explores the Shroud of Turin and other artifacts associated with Jesus.  A great lecture with many educational graphics.  Improve your critical thinking skills with this DVD

Dave Richards   – Exploring logical fallacies and how to identify them $12

Mr Richards travels through the many different fallacies and shows how each one can easily be identified.  He also reviews some of the ways you can identify ‘phishing’ emails and protect yourself from them.