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5/1/18  With a little convincing, rats can detect tuberculosis. 

12/13/17 Earth’s Mysterious Hum Recorded Underwater for 1st Time 

11/8/17 Lab-Grown Skin Saves Dying Boy with Rare Disease 

10/15/17 Ion Thruster Prototype Breaks Records in Tests, Could Send Humans to Mars

10/1/17   Trio of detectors tracks gravitational waves to their home

9/22/17  In a first, human embryos edited to explore gene function

7/26/17  Big, Dangerous Comets Are More Common Than Previously Thought

7/4/17   Fastest Stars in the Milky Way Are Galactic Fugitives

6/5/17    Hottest Alien Planet Ever Discovered Is a Real Scorcher

6/1/17  Mouse sperm survive space to spawn
3/29/17 Supermassive black hole gets kicked to the galactic curb

7/6/16  New clues in search for Planet Nine
3/2/17  Earth-like planets found orbiting nearby star

6/7/16   Global Carbon Emissions Plateaued In 2015, According To BP

5/27/16  Astro-Geeks Claim To Find Biggest Structure Ever Seen 

5/24/16  Synthetic Life: Most Minimalist Microorganism

5/21/16   Uber’s self-driving car to hit the streets of Pittsburgh

5/14/16   ‘Slam-dunk’ find puts hunter-gatherers in Florida 14,500 years ago – See Science news

5/8/16   Hubble Unveils Deepest View Of The Universe Ever

4/7/16  SpaceX’s Landing Drone Ship Is Just As Complicated As The Rocket

3/19/16  Nano-balls filled with poison wipe out metastatic cancer in mice   

3/17/16  Astronomers Discover Colossal ‘Super Spiral’ Galaxies

3/3/16  Antarctic history suggests ice sheet ‘danger’ threshold

2/24/16 A chicken embryo with a dinosaur-like snout instead of a beak has been developed by scientists

2/11/16   Rise of human civilization tied to belief in punitive gods

2/8/16  One weird anti-science conspiracy website!

1/29/15    Britain gives scientists permission to genetically modify human embryos

1/22/16   A second anti-science bill in Oklahoma

1/22/16  Brain levels of vitamin B12 decrease with age and are prematurely low in people with autism and schizophrenia

1/6/14   10 Reasons Why Alien Life Exists (video)

12/13/15  Definition of AntiScience (See Religious AntiScience)

11/8/15   How Two Plant Scientists Saved a Billion Lives

10/19/15   Confirmed: Quantum mechanics is weird

9/28/15  Flowing Water on Mars!   

7/1/15  What if Jurassic Park was in different time periods?

6/11/15 Images Show Our Favorite Little Lander on Its Comet…Maybe

5/24/15  Alien Super-Civilizations Playing Great Game of Hide & Seek

4/13/15  Earth ate a Mercury-like body early in its history, study finds

4/9/15  NASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan Predicts We’ll Find Signs Of Alien Life Within 10 Years

3/30/15 Chemical Party!  (video)

3/29/15   The stupidest question to ask scientists

3/24/15   NASA Narrows Asteroid Targets for Mission to Lasso a Space Rock

3/18/15   NASA’s wild experimental plane wing has 18 propellers attached to it

3/17/15  Life on Earth May Have Begun 1 Billion Years Earlier Than Thought, Scientists Say 

3/15/15   New Research Yields Insight Into The Origins Of Consciousness

3/12/15   An internal ocean on Ganymede: Hooray for consistency with previous results!

3/10/15 Voices in people’s heads more complex than previously thought

3/1/15 Twins space study

2/23/15  Scientists discover black hole 12 billion times more massive than the sun

2/10/15   Quantum Equations Suggest Big Bang Never Happened

2/9/15  Hubble Space Telescope captures a happy face looking over Earth


1/28/15  Planetary system older than once thought possible — 11.2 billion years old

1/27/15  Top 10 scientific mysteries for the 21st century

11/15/14  Scientists have finally climbed to the bottom of one of Siberia’s mysterious holes

10/15/14   Skunk Works Reveals Compact Fusion Reactor Details

10/12/12 Latest Mars results from new probe 

9/14/15   NASA awards space taxi contract to Boeing and SpaceX

9/12/14 Meteorites likely wiped out Earth’s earliest life

9/9/14   Ohio’s antiscience bill unimproved

8/15/14    New Conditions for Life on Other Planets: Tidal Effects Change ‘Habitable Zone’ Concept

8/14/14  Scientists develop pioneering new spray-on solar cells

7/14/14  NASA scientists say they’re closer than ever to finding life beyond Earth

7/4/14 People who are more sensitive to the ideas of fairness and equity are driven by logic, not emotion.

6/6/14  Stem cell approach for Parkinson’s disease gets boost

6/4/13    Swallows may be evolving to dodge traffic

5/5/14  Paralysis breakthrough – electrical stimulation enables four paraplegic men to voluntarily move their legs

4/26/14  Major solar flare erupts from the Sun

4/7/14  NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity Arrives at Next Science Destination

4/1/14  Science can save lives, but only if society lets it

3/18/14   Gravitational waves discovery: ‘We have a first tantalising glimpse of the cosmic birth pangs

3/10/14  Antiscience bill in Virginia dies

3/10/14   Neil DeGrasse Tyson: Media Need to Stop Giving Equal Time to Anti-Science Views

3/8/14 Bill Nye From SXSW: Anti-Science Indoctrination Will Lead To Disaster

3/7/14   U.K. to Shower Money on Three Big Science Projects
3/1/14  Dinosaur skull may reveal T. rex’s smaller cousin from the north
3/21/14  Teachers oppose Va. bill challenging mainstream science
2/14/14  Ways of seeing the brain inspire notions of how it works
2/5/14  A little acid or a tight squeeze can turn a cell stemlike
2/4/14  Rivers of rock and gas froze ancient animals in time
1/26/14  Watch chemicals turn into memories – the first time this has ever been recorded  
1/20/14  Mystery rock spotted on Mars
1/15/14  Shocking Percentage Of Americans Don’t Trust Scientists
12/4/13 400,000 year old DNA from our ancestors?
12/1/13  The sky’s no limit: Five top commercial space travel companies
11/18/13  NASA Launches New MAVEN Spacecraft, Begins Journey to Mars
11/8/13   Blog For Darwin: Popular Science ends reader comments; says practice is bad for science 
11/1/13   Far-Off Planets Like the Earth Dot the Galaxy
9/27/13  NASA Finds Most Crowded Galaxy Ever Seen (Video)
9/14/13 Notorious ‘Big G’ (gravity) gets a little larger
9/13/13 At last, Voyager 1 slips into interstellar space
8/29/13  NuSTAR Delivers the X-Ray Goods  and   8/29/13  NASA-Funded Scientists Detect Water on Moon’s Surface that Hints at Water Below
8/29/13 The Power Of Music’ To Affect The Brain
8/26/13 Tiny human almost-brains made in lab
6/12/13  Supreme Court DNA Ruling: Court Says Human Genes Cannot Be Patented
5/15/13 Cloning produces human embryonic stem cells
5/13/13 Kepler Mission may be over
4/30/13  Virgin Galactic Is One Supersonic Trip Closer to Actual Space Tourism 
4/11/13  The Next Generation Science Standards (with video promo)
4/9/13  Evidence points toward solving evolutionary ‘missing link’
3/17/13  M.I.T. Computer Program Reveals Invisible Motion in Video (with cool video)
3/7/13   Cosmic Cookers: Asteroids May Have Nurtured Seeds of Life
2/1/13 Science says atheists should come out of the closet for their own good
1/28/13  High-flying bacteria spark interest in possible climate effects
1/23/13  Spidery black objects on Mars surface raise speculation
1/17/13  Fecal transplants show promise in treating intestinal infection
12/6/12 Smoking hurts teen girls’ bones


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