Republicans – less or more govenment?

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I read this morning an interesting article about Santorum and how he, like most republicans claim on wanting smaller government.  However – there’s a catch – even though though they want to spend less (even thought they have spent more than the democrats when in recent power) the want MORE control of our behavior through the Religious Right’s agenda.  They want to FORCE – yes I am using that word on purpose – women to have babies without their consent to have one.  Is this a ridiculous dichotomy? I think so.  The conservatives have a dual and often diametrically opposed agenda.  They want abstinence programs but won’t admit that these programs actually cause more pregnancies and abortions.  The want to deny federal benefits to same-sex couples.They want to restrict birth control but don’t want young girls to have abortions.  Do you see anything wrong with this thinking?  Do Republicans even consider the idea of cause and affect. Amazing to think that we are letting this charlatans control our lives.

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  1. There are those of us who are atheists but also think that the free market
    usually does overreach, and a lot of us are even registered GOP. I think we atheist fiscal conservatives also tend to be a) more consistent and b) less frequently market fundamentalists (the point of the market is it produces happiness; where it fails to do this, find another way). It might be good to put together secular Republican caucuses. Of course in many parts of the country we’re a minority but local GOP chapter’s Christianist members couldn’t keep believing that they’re an unquestioned majority, even in their own party.

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