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2/9/16 How the Satanic Temple forced Phoenix lawmakers to ban public prayer

2/8/16  Are Militant Atheists Using Chemtrails to Poison the Angels in Heaven?   See Batshit Crazy news

2/6/16   Fearing Satan, Phoenix boots prayers

2/4/16 Saudi Court Spares Poet’s Life but Gives Him 8 Years and 800 Lashes

2/2/16 Contaminants Found in 92% of TCM Chinese Herbal Products

1/29/16 Bryan Fischer: ‘The Proper Christian Response’ To A Gay Couple’s Wedding Is ‘Grief And Sorrow’ -

1/22/16   FFRF gets Tennessee county board of education to remove Christian flag  - See church-state news

1/22/16   A second antiscience bill in Oklahoma (See Science/Anti-science news)

1/16/16  Scarborough: Colorado Shooting occurred because God’s ‘Hedge of Protection is Lowered’  also:  Scarborough: God Allowed Benghazi Attack Because ‘America is Mired in Sin’ 

1/14/16 Supreme Court agrees to hear case over separation of church and state (see Church State news)

1/13/16  Scalia dismisses concept of religious neutrality in speech

1/13/16   In 100 Years, Will People Still Believe in God?  (video)

1/12/16    This graph shows how strongly people around the world feel about religion

1/11/16    Atheism is a science of living & giving  (India atheist conference)

1/9/16  3 Reasons Why Religious Americans Should Warm Up to Atheists

1/7/16  TX state court refuses to award continuing legal education accreditation to a class on Christian ethical perspectives

1/6/16 Jesus Who? The Historical Record Gives No Clue

1/4/16  Dog with Slice of Ham on Face Gets 1.3 Million Facebook Prayers (and Counting)  See Batshit Crazy News

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