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2/23/15  Scientists discover black hole 12 billion times more massive than the sun (see Science news)

2/24/15   Latest Trends in Religious Restrictions and Hostilities

2/23/15  New Documents Show Leading Climate Change Denier Is Full of Shit

2/22/15  I’m proud that BYS is on this list

2/20/15  Why ISIS Should Make Christians Rethink The Doctrine Of Hell

2/15/15 Sam Harris: Atheists have no ‘blood on their hands’ for Chapel Hill murders

2/12/15  GOP Lawmaker Wants to Arrest and Jail Women For Wearing Yoga Pants ( See Batshit Crazy News)

2/10/15   Quantum Equations Suggest Big Bang Never Happened (see Science News)

2/10/15  Zombie Jonas Salk Rises From Grave to Hunt Idiots

 2/10/15  Anti-vaccine megachurch hit with measles epidemic, now offering free vaccinations 

2/9/15  Hubble Space Telescope captures a happy face looking over Earth


2/5/15  California Gov. Jerry Brown to restrict vaccine waivers

2/4/15 Angry Christian claims humanists are debauched, polite atheist responds (video)

1/30/15  Deepak denies that HIV causes AIDS (See Batshit Crazy news)

1/30/15 Scientists, General Public Have Divergent Views On Science, Report Says

1/30/15 Christian Minister in Uganda will be tried for crimes against humanity

1/29/15  Saudi preacher who ‘raped and tortured’ his five -year-old daughter to death is released after paying ‘blood money’    –  See Batshit Crazy news

1/29/15   Oklahoma GOP wants to restrict marriage to people of faith  -  See Batshit Crazy news

1/29/15  American Family Association fires Bryan Fischer    …….Not

1/28/15   Atheist sworn in as new Prime Minister of Greece

1/27/15  Top 10 scientific mysteries for the 21st century (see Science News)

1/26/15 Fox radio host: Jesus would thank ‘American sniper’ for sending ‘godless’ Muslims to ‘the lake of fire

1/26/15 Pastor Creates a Fake “World-Renowned” Atheist To Rail Against, and Imagines Him Abandoning His Godless “Faith”

1/26/15 (not what it appears to be)  Senate Votes 98-1 That ‘Climate Change Is Real And Not A Hoax’  See Political News

1/21/15  Robertson: God gives fewer miracles to ‘too-educated Americans’ who learn science (see Batshit Crazy news)

1/21/16  10 Women Christian Men Shouldn’t Marry – YouTube with Seth Andrews

1/21/15  Saudi Arabian lashing of freethinker

1/20/15 Don’t Blame Disney, Blame Anti-Vaxxers  - More   - More

1/19/15  OC Board votes to not recite the pledge of alligence

1/14/15  In Dog We Trust

1/14/15  Florida schools bow to Satanic coloring book and cancel Bible distribution event

1/14/15 ABC: CDC and Health Officials Tell 26 Year Old Woman She Gets Quarantined and Measles Vaccine or “goes to Jail” :

1/12/15    Empty Churches Go On Sale in Europe as Christian Faith Declines

1/11/15   Teacher Accused of Promoting Religion in Class, Giving ‘Bible Cookies’

1/9/15  Saudi blogger receives first 50 lashes of sentence for ‘insulting Islam’

1/8/15   46 examples of Muslim outrage about Paris shooting that Fox News can’t seem to find

1/7/15    Atheist Delivers Invocation at Chico City Council Meeting: “In the Face of Adversity, We Need Not Look Above” (video)  and Preston Smith: Lake Worth elected leaders walk out of commission meeting as atheist leads invocation (video)

1/3/15    Egyptian President Al-Sisi at Al-Azhar: We Must Revolutionize Our Religion

 1/1/15   Theists Suffer Massive Losses Over 2014 Atheist Activism (video)

12/26/14   Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Christmas morning jokes ignite pious furor on Twitter

12/18/14  Land transfer approved for Mt. Soledad cross in La Jolla (maybe someone will sue the government again)

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