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I just had to make this crazy news a separate page.  Enjoy!

10 Weirdest Fundamentalist Christian Conspiracy Theories

3/17/16 Alex Jones: Don’t Let Satan Steal Space Travel!

2/24/16 Bryan Fischer Says That Every Abortion Is ‘Like Food For Demons’ –

2/14/16  Bryan Fischer Explains How A ‘Vapor Canopy’ Allowed Methuselah To Live For 969 Years 

2/14/16  Christian Pastor Preaches Against Women Having the Right to Vote or Getting a Job Outside the Home  (via Patheos)

2/13/16 Theodore Shoebat Wants Freedom Of Religion Outlawed And Atheist Books Burned (via Right Wing Watch)

2/8/16 – Avery weird site indeed…..

2/8/16  Are Militant Atheists Using Chemtrails to Poison the Angels in Heaven?

1/16/16  Scarborough: Colorado Shooting occurred because God’s ‘Hedge of Protection is Lowered’  also:  Scarborough: God Allowed Benghazi Attack Because ‘America is Mired in Sin’ 

1/4/16  Dog with Slice of Ham on Face Gets 1.3 Million Facebook Prayers (and Counting)

12/21/15  Bryan Fischer Says Dinosaurs Were Just Giant, 1,000-Year-Old Lizards

11/9/15   RWW News: Kevin Swanson Says The Bible Requires The Death Penalty For Homosexuality

11/8/15    Conservatives Claim Red Starbucks Cups Part Of ‘War On Christmas,’ Hilarious Boycott Ensues

10/19/15  Mayoral Candidate Speaking in Tongues

10/15/15  6 N.Y. church members arrested after teen dies in assault

9/26/15 Rev. RG Green: “No True Christian Woman Should Experience The Perversion Of The Female Orgasm”  

9/25/15   Carson In 2011: Darwin ‘Encouraged’ By Satan To Come Up With Evolution (VIDEO)

7/11/15  Right-wing Christian ‘expert’ on feminism insists that submitting to marital rape makes Jesus happy

6/24/15    33 Jaw-Droppingly Stupid Multiple-Choice Questions from the Christian Education Curriculum

6/15 15 A day of ultra-bat-shot-crazy news

6/11/15  Right-wing televangelist Pat Robertson wants grieving parents to know that it’s okay if their children die, because God was just taking them before they grew up to be mass murderers.

6/8/15 Doctors have discovered that the seed of the man is an alien substance to the woman. It triggered responses similar to those of an “allergic” reaction. A woman who has a husband is able to develop “immunity” to this reaction; however, a promiscuous woman’s immune system becomes confused and unable to distinguish alien substances. This confusion is a key to the development of cancer.  See more HERE

6/6/15 Barton: LGBT Activists Are ‘Evangelizing’ Public School Students To Recruit Them Into Homosexuality  

6/3/15  Man Sues Dept. Of Education For Teaching Evolution To Aspiring Veterinarian Daughter

4/9/15  Florida pastor rants: God wants men to rule women — but men can’t rejoice without being sued

3/29/15 Mathew 4 Protocol claims it heals cancer – this is worse that any other non-western medical wo0-w0o quackery I’ve seen

3/23/15 OC lawyer wants to “kill the gays” in California, according to initiative goal 

3/20/15  Pupils ‘banned from watching solar eclipse’ for cultural and religious reasons

3/17/15  Florida GOP Lawmaker: Carbon Dioxide Can’t be Bad — God Made It!

3/15/15  Texas approves textbooks with Moses as Founding Father

2/23/15   Idaho Republican backs faith-healer parents: ‘If I want to let my child be with God, why is that wrong?’

2/12/15  GOP Lawmaker Wants to Arrest and Jail Women For Wearing Yoga Pants ( See Batshit Crazy News)

2/10/15  Jim Bakker’s Christian amusement park is now a post-apocalyptic ghost town

2/6/15   Fla. Congressman Uses Texas Dildo Law to Prove that Texas is Batshit Crazy

1/30/15  Deepak denies that HIV causes AIDS

1/29/15   Saudi preacher who ‘raped and tortured’ his five -year-old daughter to death is released after paying ‘blood money’

1/29/15   Oklahoma GOP wants to restrict marriage to people of faith See Batshit Crazy news 

1/22/15  Fuck the Pope – by Mr Deity

1/22/15 Norway’s Muslims rally against ISIS

1/21/15 Robertson: God gives fewer miracles to ‘too-educated Americans’ who learn science

1/14/15 Pastor Brags About Punching a Bright Kid in the Chest Because He Didn’t Take the Lord Seriously

12/11/14  Deniers Are Not Skeptics, Know The Difference

12/11/14  Former ‘ex-gay’ leader gets married… to a man

12/3/14  Hamilton family left corpse upstairs for six months expecting resurrection 

11/12/14 Meet ‘Dr. Chaps’ Gordon Klingenschmitt: Colorado’s New Anti-Gay, Demon Hunting State Legislator 

11/9/14 Fischer: ‘God Believes In A Flat Tax’

11/1/14   Satan is real and we must be ready to fight him, Pope Francis warns

10/12/14 Pat Robertson: Kids mustn’t celebrate ‘demonic’ Halloween

10/3/14  Justice Scalia Is Utterly Stupid, Especially On Religion & The Constitution (video)

10/3/14  Huckabee wants to fire atheists working for the government

7/5/14  Vatican gives official backing to exorcists

5/9/14  Ted Cruz’s Father Suggests Placing Atheists in ‘Camps’  MORE

4/20/14  Iowa Governor Signs Proclamation Inviting All Iowans to Turn from Their Wicked Ways and Embrace Christianity

4/14/14 GOP candidate repeats claim disabled children are God’s punishment for abortion 

4/14/14 Biologists Confirm God Evolved From Chimpanzee Deity (also in Batshit crazy news)

3/30/14  California man washed out to sea during baptism

3/3/14  ATLAH Worldwide Missionary Church Posts Horrific Anti-Gay Sign In Harlem, New York

2/16/14 Utah Man Plans to Starve Himself to Death to Protest Same-Sex Marriage Law
2/18/14  TV’s ‘Snake Salvation’ pastor dies… from a snake bite

 2/1/14   Mormons declare war on masturbation in creepy new video
1/24/14   Saudi religious cops tell women not to use swings
1/14/14 X-Ray Reveals Hundreds of Gold Needles in Woman’s Knees
1/3/14 Pastor Tries to Walk on Water Like Jesus, Then Drowns in Front of His Congregation
12/27/13  CAUGHT ON TAPE: Phil Robertson Says Men Should Marry 15 and 16 Year-Old Girls (Video)
12/11/13 For the Creation Museum, my friends, holds all the truths you’re looking for if you want to understand the current insanity gripping the Republican Party.
12/2/13  Renew America: Godless Fascists Will Follow Satan’s Homosexual Agenda To Murder Christians
12/2/13   Tea party activist says U.S. may be conquered for allowing atheists, Wiccans and abortion (video)
9/16/13 Liberty Counsel: Christians are being persecuted by ‘Pagan’ Obama Administration (Video)
9/14/13  Iowa Youth Pastor Rapes Boys To ‘Cure’ Them Of Homosexuality, Won’t Spend One Day In Prison
9/13/13 Pat Robertson Unveils Gay-Repelling Necklace
9/8/13  Parents’ outrage as extremist US religious cult hand out creationist books and preach to kids at Scottish school
8/29/13  Atheism, Evolution, Darwinism Are Religions, Claims Christian Historian David Barton
8/12/13 California Catholics mistake bug excrement for ‘tears of god’
7/4/13  Florida pastor urges men to destroy computers in quest to live ‘porn free’
6/22/13   Second Child Dies After Parents Use Prayer, No Medicine
6/21/13   Spanking for Jesus’ movement lets God-fearing husbands feel good about punishing their wives

5/24/13 Televangelist Pat Robertson Blames Woman’s Poor Homemaking Skills for Husband’s Cheating
5/23/13  Glenn Beck Will Save Us All From CNN’s Secret Atheist Scheme
4/13/13  Orthodox Jew Flies In Plane Covered In Huge Plastic Bag, Possibly To Avoid Cemetery Flyover – Plane turns around  (photo and video)
4/11/13 Ban Oral And Anal Sex! Says Virginia’s Attorney General
4/5/13 Arkansas State Representative Who Called Eight-Year-Old Atheist a Fool: ‘I Regret’ the Comment
4/3/13 Robertson: God gives fewer miracles to ‘too-educated Americans’ who learn science (with video)
3/4/13  Indiana Senate backs requiring ultrasound for “abortion pill” use

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