Reading Material

Most of these books I have personally read and recommend. You can purchase many of them at our regular monthly meetings.

My #1 book: The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancys – Dennis McKinsey – compares contracticting verses of the Bible

The Moral Landscape – Sam Harris

God is not Great – Christopher Hitchens – a must read for agnostics and atheists

The God Delution – Richard Dawkins – one of the ‘atheist’s bibles

Letters to a Christian Nation – Sam Harris – a great ‘starter’ book and an easy read

The Christ Conspiracy – the history of past gods that have the characteristics of Jesus

God – the Failed Hypothesis – a scientific view of God

Nailed – Ten Christian Myths that show Jesus never existed – David Fitzgerald

Misquoting Jesus – the hisory of the Bible

THE OPEN TOMB: Why and How Jesus Faked His Death and Resurrection, by David Mirsch

Forbidden Fruit – Paul Kurtz – humanism

The making of the Fittest – DNA and the Ultimate Forensic Record of Evolution – Sean Carroll – one of the best evloution books I’ve read

God, the Devil and Darwin – A Critique of Intelligent Design Theory

American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America

Magazines and tabloids:

FFRF – Freethough Today – – Freedom From Religion Foundation

Skeptical Inquirer Magazine

Skeptics Magazine

Secular Gazette from Freethought Alliance

American Atheists

Atheists United

Just goggle these names to find out where to subscribe.

Great podcasts:

astronomycast – (#58 tells how the universe was formed)

skeptics guide to the universe – the most popular skeptics podcast

The FFRF podcast

science friday