Here are some common question that are asked of atheists:

Q. Why are you trying to convert Christians to become atheists?

A.  We aren’t trying to convert anyone (although if we did that’s a good thing), but we do show others why we think atheism is a better and safer world view.  A wise man once said – “the best way to be an atheist is to read the Bible”

Q. We do not want ANYONE to go to hell.  That is our sole reason for
speaking of scripture and God’s love. Do you believe that the only life they have is here on earth?  That once a person dies here, there is nothing more?

A.  Since atheists don’t believe in heaven or hell, we have nothing to worry about.  There is no evidence of an afterlife, only myths and superstitions.

Q. What if you are wrong? You have everything to lose. If we are wrong, we have lost nothing. Is it worth the risk?

A. This is Pascals’ Wager. Google and you;e find that his wager is what is called a false dichotomy.  That is when the claimer describes only two outcomes when there are many.  There are 33 major religions in the world.  That means you have only a 3% chance of getting it right!

6 Responses to Q&A

  1. kristine says:

    I see you reference Jesus, God and the Bible in your links on the side page. Are you afraid to reference Mohammad, Allah and the Koran? Wonder why the discrepency on your part? Is it you know the Christians won’t kill you for dishing their God? You fear the gods of the muslims, don’t you?

    • Administrator says:

      I don’t discriminate on any religion – all are filled with superstitions that other religions reject – to me all are silly fables and mythologies. since 75% of Americans are Xtians it’s natural to spend 75% of our efforts there. One of our latest billboards (see the ‘dueling billboards’ page) list islamic superstitions as well.

  2. kristine says:

    There are only 2 outcomes… life after death or no afterlife. Just because you believe one way or the other, does’nt make it so. According to your logic it doesn’t take a painter to have a painting; it doesn’t take a builder to have a building; it doesn’t take music to have a song, it doesn’t take a dreamer to have a dream nor does it take an eater to have a pile of shit. Your logic is just pushing reality a bit too far off the deep end.

    • Administrator says:

      If you are referring to the anthropic principle, us non-theists see only natural material-based explanations for everything around us. No supernatural deity is needed. It’s more logical to examine the evidence – there is no evidence that a supernatural sky-daddy spontaneously made everything out of nothing (or dirt as it says in xtians holy book)

  3. mohmed kamal says:

    Other life is an ethical, social and universal nessecity , as it would be the means of restitution and fair, and punishment of wrong on his sin and reward improved the kindness, Howshall a person like Hitler or Genghis Khan or Mussolini or others be punished on the atrocities they committed, do you as soon as their death, whether suicide ormurder this will be the only reward? Or should thatbe tortured in the fire terrible as it caused thetragedies and calamities of nations and peoples and individuals, children and all the damaged party, eventhe weight of the atom, and how the reward of do good in their lives to the people and to mankind did not give them a right to remuneration, that our faithwe Muslims had to be there day of Judgement dayfinds all of thegood work of his punishment and all the evil work of the evil as well as

    • Administrator says:

      As atheists we accept that bad people will do bad things and not be punished. Since we do not believe in a heaven or hell, we (atheists) accept our own ‘sins’ (we call if simply ‘bad behavior’). We ‘own’ it. When people believe in an afterlife, they are more willing to do things in this life that affect others well-being negatively. To me it’s selfish behavior to do things to ‘get yourself’ into a mythical heaven that no one can prove exists.

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