Proof that atheists are more moral than Christians

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In a prison study quoted below, atheists were extremely underrepresented  by allreligions.  Even though atheists are up to 15% of the population, only .02% of persons going into prisons said they were atheists.  As for believers, roughly 75% said they were Christians – about the same as the general population.  If Christians say they receive their morality from oh high, why does their behavior not reflect this higher morality?

And no – the question of religious affiliation was not asked after they were in prison, it was asked as they were going into prison.  This is one of the few places where our government can ask a religiously-based question legally, because they do not want some religious groups intermingling.  Even if there was a 10-fold increase in the reported atheists in prisons, it would only we 2% – seven times under the ration of the Christians.

I cannot say that an individual atheist is more moral than a Christian, but this study proves that overall, atheists behave better than all other religions – or they are a lot smarter so they don’t get caught!

Denise Golumbaski, Research Analyst, Federal Bureau of Prisons, compiled from up-to-the-day figures on March 5th, 1997