Other Local Groups

There are many secular groups in the southland to visit.  Feel free to visit some.   Backyard Skeptics isn’t the only secular group in the OC.  Click on any group to see their Meetup schedule or calendar.

Atheists United (Los Angeles)
Center For Inquiry Los Angeles  (CFI)
Freethought Book Club of OC  meets on the second Saturday of the month
Generation Atheist (Los Angeles)
Godless Liberals (Pasadena)
Humanists of orange County
IIG – Independent Investigations Group
IEAA – Inland Empire Agnostics and Atheists
Long Beach Atheists
Orange County Atheists
San Diego New Atheists

And of course our other Backyard Skeptics groups in Los Angeles, Long Beach, South OC and Arcadia.  Search Meetup.com for any of these groups to join for free.