One proof that there is no God

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by Bruce Gleason  11/1/11

Can one prove a negative hypothesis?

It’s usually very difficult to prove a negative hypothesis, but when a claim of attributes of a deity are made, and those claims have evidence that they do not exist, then it is partial proof of the non-existence of said deity.

The claim – the Bible God hears prayers and answers some of them in the alfirmative:.

“And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” (Matthew 21:22)

“Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” (Mark 11:24)

And a more current claim – the Bible God hears prayers and answers yes, no or maybe.

Both of these claims can be proven false by the 49 prayer studies during the past 52 years.  Most studies use hospitals because there is nowhere greater place where prayers take place (other than a church, synagogue or mosque).  Turns out that people of all faiths as well as atheists get healed the same.  No one faith is healed greater than another.  The atheists’ ‘hopes’ get answered just the same as a Christian’s/Jews/Muslims (pick any religion) ‘prayers’.

But wait – “God planned it that way” says the Christians!  ”God knows you’re doing the study so he heals everyone the same”  Why does he do such a thing I must ask.  ”God wants to remain hidden” they respond.

Excuse me for a moment, but there are multiple things that seem out of place here.

First, God wasn’t hidden 2000 years ago. And if God is here now, where are those ultra-miracles to be seen? Second, how does anyone know what God wants (if He exists)?  I seems to be an terribly inadequate answer that’s just made up to appease the believers who will accept it along with their confirmation bias.  Third, does this mean that these measly humans can change the mind of God simply by doing a study? Then if we do a study on anything subject does the same reasoning applies?  If so all of the scientific studies in the history of science can be labeled mute.  What if someone is praying not for the hospital patients but for the study itself (to prove there is a God)?  Would God then answer those prayers by proving He can actually change/heal anyone? Forth, what about all those poor patients in the hospitals that could have been healed by God if we weren’t doing the study!

This doesn’t prove that God absolutely does not exist, but it sure puts a dent in anyone thinking that prayer works.  And if prayer doesn’t work, why pray?




3 Responses to One proof that there is no God

  1. Devout Earthling says:

    Religious God Believer People always make countless endless excuses explanations arguments reasons about Almighty God’s all mighty existence presence validity but that old ALL MIGHTY shy hiding Almighty God never seems able to prove confirm verify demonstrate a single thing about anything whatsover except his own infinite eternal hiding shyness absence void black hole and most likely his own miniscule non-existence. Why Dear God why o’ why Dear Almighty God forsake ignore disregard us as we eternally seek ask beg hope and pray to you Dear God o’ God o’ why o’ Why Dear God Almighty??? — a Devout Born Again Earthling

  2. Warren Beacom says:

    God is not a celestial ATM–I want this, so I get it
    Prayers can be answered in different ways, not just the way we prefer. God’s knowledge is so much more vast than ours. Prayer is a way for us to commune with God–like a child talking to his father. What seems to us to be unanswered prayer can be, in God’s grand tapestry, a means to a much greater good.

    Have you read the book Evidence That Demands A Verdict by Josh McDowell? It has a very good treatment of the role of prayer in our lives.

    • Bruce says:

      Since prayers get ‘answered’ equally in all religions as well as the atheists ‘hopes’ then why pray? There is absolutely no proof that prayer works – anywhere.
      And how exactly, do you REALLY KNOW that God knows so much more than we do? (please dont use any holy text) Maybe you believe in your definition of your God from scripture, which can be faulty, and which scripture should you follow? I think you will have to admit that you do not know if God has absolute knowledge, because you would have to have absolute knowledge to claim that!


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