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3/14/12 Separation of church, state has crumbled

3/8/12  When churches behave like businesses, different rules apply

3/3/12  Deception In North Dakota ‘Religious Liberty’ Amendment On June Ballot Would Jeopardize Rights Of Women, Taxpayers And Minorities, Critics Say

2/27/12  Reinforcing the church-state wall  LA Times article and it’s blowback Church-state wall: For America and religion  

2/23/12  Oklahoma’s constitutiona

3/7/12 Ancient impact may explain moon’s magnetic mystery

Which nations are really responsible for climate change – interactive map

2/29/12 Fault’s twists may shake up earthquake forecasts

2/24/21 Carbon dioxide increase is breaking down marine ecosystems

2/21/12 Distant planet an exotic water-world

2/18/12 Oceans set stage for human evolution

2/15/12 Black Hole Came from a Shredded Galaxy

2/10/12 The Verdict is in on Climate Change

2/5/12 Kids are less likely to come with supernatural explanations than adults

1/28/12  Earth’s Energy Budget Remained out of Balance Despite Unusually Low Solar Activity, Study Finds

1/26/12  Can the Economy Bear What Oil Prices Have in Store?

1/26/12  Scientists Link Evolved, Mutated Gene Module to Syndromic Autism

1/17/12 Planets as common as stars in Milky Way

1/10/12 Gas Rich Galaxies Confirm Prediction of Modified Gravity Theory

1/4/12  First Earth-sized planets netted  –  Planet hunt finds two orbs of terrestrial proportions orbiting a distant sunlike star

12/26/11   China tests 500 km/h super high-speed train

12/21/11 Tantalizing hints of long-sought particle

12/21/11  NASA will announce of new planet discovery Dec 20th

12/9/11 Rats Show Empathy and Free Their Trapped Companions

12/2/ 11  Arctic has taken a turn for the warmer

Pre-Bang branes and bubbles

In The Dark –  What is the universe made of?

10/25/11  Hawaii astronomer captures image of forming planet

10/7/11 Stem cell advance uses cloning

10/2/11  Unusual crystal patterns win chemistry Nobel

10/2/11 Cosmic acceleration discovery wins physics Nobel

9/30/11 Teen daters pal up to the bottle

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