Newsworthy Articles 2012 Archive

2/18/12  Losing our religion

12/17/12  12 Cool Holiday Traditions That Aren’t About God or Shopping

12/12/12   Angry atheists? What about the angry Christians? (Snata Monica Xmas displays

12/5/12  The Christian case for gay marriage
11/13/12  Would You Vote For An Atheist? Tell The Truth
1o/22/12  Science & God: Will Biology, Astronomy, Physics Rule Out Existence Of Deity?
9/13/12 Making a Difference (Or: Becoming an Activist For Your Cause)
9/1/12. Myths about athiesm
8/28/12   8 Countries Where Atheism Is Accepted, Even Celebrated, Instead of Demonized
8/23/12  From Bible-Belt Pastor to Atheist Leader
8/15/12 Why Atheism is Consistent with Feminism and Pro-Choice Positions


7/19/12 Religion Continues to Abuse Women…
6/9/12  Church pastors become atheists     Unbelieving preachers get help to ‘come out’ as open atheists
5/12/12  Atheism’s new clout
5/9/12   Atheists, Humanists Flex Their Political Muscles
4/2/12  Tree Tower may save the world!’
4/21/12 Report points to decline in belief
4/14 12   Religious Right has overtaken the policies of the Republican Party
4/12/12 The Illusion of Religious Choice and Ontological Anxiety
4/9/12  Orgies for Jesus
4/2/12  A universe without purpose
3/29/12 Study: Trust in science among educated conservatives plunges

3/29/12   Atheists trying to improve image, but many Americans don’t believe it: A Closer Look

3/20/12 Reversing Atheists’ Critiques of Religious Violence:
3/3/12 Paulien Lombard Was a Spyentologist
3/3/12   The Hidden Hues of Humanism
2/26/12 Warren, Brown take sides on reproductive rights
2/25/12 The NEW New Atheism: It’s about real life.2/21/12  The faith (and doubts) of our founding fathers
2/16/12  Sam Harris – Life Without God
2/16/12  Atheist Ricky Gervais would fight for people’s right to have religion, even though their beliefs are wrong
2/12/12  America’s Darwin Problem
2/10/12 Sam Harris – The Pleasure of  Drowning
2/9/12 Bullying is not religious freedom – Religious equality doesn’t equal bullying
2/3/12  Atheism in America
1/28/12 Why Religion Makes Only Some Of Us Happy
1/23/12  Once Again, Believers Have it Wrong: Atheists Don’t Just Want Sex, Drugs, and Lack of Morality
2012 Presidential Candidate Scorecard
1/7/12  10 Ways Right-Wing Christian Groups Will Likely Shove Religion Down Your Throat This Year
Atheists face uphill climb with new political party
Religion’s Attractions, Humanism’s Challenge