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7/20/18  Ignoring The Best Interest Of Kids, House Republicans Pass Amendment To Allow Adoption Agencies To Discriminate

4/16/18 New NSA leader is anti-science and anti-climate change 

3/23/18 . John Bolton’s appointment is a fitting coda to conservatism’s failures, and this:  18 outlandish conspiracy theories Donald Trump has floated on the campaign trail and in the White House

11/10/17   Trump Abruptly Shuts Down Dogs for Wounded Warriors Program, Leaving Vets High and Dry on Veteran’s Day!

5/4/17  Trump’s executive order disappoints religious conservatives  – Also: FFRF sues Trump over church politicking

3/5/17 Trump’s Dangerous Plan to Deregulate Pharmaceuticals .      The Hard Truth About ‘School Choice’ That Trump Wants To Ignore

3/1/17    Robert Reich: 7 Signs American Democracy Is Sliding into Tyranny

2/1/17  Leaked Draft of Trump’s Religious Freedom Order Reveals Sweeping Plans to Legalize Discrimination

1/15/17  On Religious Freedom Day, Vow To Defend That Principle

1/13/17 .   Secular groups demand nonreligious drug treatment program for Pennsylvania inmates

12/18/16 .  HB2 law: North Carolina to repeal ‘bathroom bill’

6/14/16  Why Is the Media Ignoring Ted Cruz’s Embrace of ‘Kill the Gays’ Pastor?  

5/5/16  The man billed as the first atheist who could be bound for Congress isn’t actually an atheist at all  

3/21/16   The White Horse Prophecy: Glenn Beck Tells Utah That God Has Chosen The Mormons To Save America By Electing Ted Cruz  

2/23/16 Why Evangelicals Support Trump  (see political news)  also  Donald Trump Vows To Appoint Far-Right Supreme Court Justices Like Clarence Thomas

2/22/16  South Carolina Legislators Propose Bill to Put “In God We Trust” Sign in Every Public School

2/1/16   Donald Trump has flip-flopped so much that Stephen Colbert hosted a Trump vs. Trump debate

1/13/16  Scalia dismisses concept of religious neutrality in speech

11/7/15    Louisiana GOP Governor Bobby Jindal Signs Bill Banning Lawsuits Against Oil And Gas Industry

11/6/15   Archaeologists Point And Laugh At Ben Carson Because Ancient Egyptians Wrote Down Why They Built Pyramids

9/25/15  Carson In 2011: Darwin ‘Encouraged’ By Satan To Come Up With Evolution (VIDEO)

6/11/15  NORTH CAROLINA HOUSE OVERRIDES MAGISTRATE SAME-SEX MARRIAGE VETO- Magistrates may refuse marriage licenses for any religious reason – to anyone.

5/19/15  Bobby Jindal issues religious-freedom order even thought the state legislature voted it down.

3/28/15    Indiana Passes Insane Law Giving Restaurants the Right to Refuse Gay Diners  See the backlash HERE

3/21/15   GOP can’t quit the Christian right: Why it’s still the party of religious fundamentalists

3/14/15  Here are 10 horrifying facts about one of the worst bullies in the Senate — Tom Cotton

3/1/15  Texas Gov. Rick Perry could be facing 109 years in prison after being indicted by a grand jury for abuse of power.

2/23/15   Arkansas Governor Lets Anti-LGBT Bill Become Law

2/16/15  Laws Of Unintended Consequences

2/10/15    Breakfast Club: Obama Endorses Separation At Evangelical Event

2/9/15  Mike Huckabee And Other GOP A-Listers Appear In Hilariously Over-The-Top Anti-Gay Film (VIDEO)

1/26/15 (not what it appears to be)  Senate Votes 98-1 That ‘Climate Change Is Real And Not A Hoax’

10/9/14 RNC Allies with Christian Nationalist Who Calls U.S. Constitution “the Wrong Train”  

8/30/14  An atheist for Congress?

8/15/14  Texas Gov. Rick Perry Indicted For Abuse Of Power

5/5/14 (Opinion)  Why You Have to Stop Voting for Republicans (Congressman is a dominionist)

1/25 14 Obamacare, Texas Law, Satan and the Separation of Church and State

1/24/14 Virginia General Attorney to No Longer Defend Gay Marriage Ban

1/14/14 Tea Party secedes: The GOP civil war is over, and so is the GOP


12/2/13  Tea party activist says U.S. may be conquered for allowing atheists, Wiccans and abortion (video)

11/23/13  Video: Ted Cruz Anointed by Antigay, Pro-Religious War Pastors | Bruce Wilson 10/13/13  The Radical Christian Right and the War on Government

9/23/13   Why Are So Many Christians So Un-Christian?

8/17/13  Democrats Predict Big Wins For 2014 Governor Races

5/2/13  Atheists meet with Governor Brownback of Kansas

4/4/13   Republicans Side With Iran And North Korea, Oppose UN Treaty To Keep Weapons From Terrorists  Senate Republicans oppose the treaty because they believe an NRA conspiracy theory that this treaty allows the United Nations to take guns away from American citizens. The treaty, in fact, only regulates arms exports.

3/18/13 Obama Appoints Church-State Law Expert to Head Faith-Based Office 1/30/13  Republicans Look to Court the “Nones”

1/17/13  Secular Coalition Touts Church State Separation, Praises Obama on Religious Freedom Day

1/11/13  When Will We Have More Open Atheists in Congress? 1/6/13  Non-believers on rise in Congress

12/17/12   Atheists are better for politics than believers. Here’s why    and this from Catholic.org

2012 Political News Archive

12/12/12 Is Conservative Media One Big “Racket”? 12/11/12  How Atheist Voters Could Change American Politics Forever 11/29/12  The Religious Right After 2012 11/18/12  Creationism Controversies The Norm Among Potential Republican 2016 Contenders 11/12/12  Election Day Full of Wins for Nontheists, a Few Let-Downs 11/10/12 Charles Darwin received 4,000 votes in US election 11/8/12 EVANGELICAL LEADER SAY CHRISTIANS MADE MISTAKE 10/31/12 The Evolution of the Religiously Unaffiliated Vote, 1980-2008 10/25/12 Pregnancy is a gift from God – even after rape 10/13/12  Ryan can’t separate church from state on right to choose 10/11/12   Arkansas State Rep: ‘If Slavery Were So God-Awful, Why Didn’t Jesus Or Paul Condemn It?’ 10/10/12   Little Voter Discomfort with Romney’s Mormon Religion 9/23/12   More than 1,000 pastors plan to challenge IRS by endorsing presidential candidate 10/6/12  Glenn Beck: ‘Divine Providence’ responsible for Romney’s debate performance 9/17/12  The Most Dangerous Thing About Religion 9/13/12 Already God-Soaked Presidential Campaign  About To Get Another Dose Of That Old-Time Religion 9/5/12  DEMS REMOVE ALL REFERENCES TO ‘GOD’ FROM 2012 PARTY PLATFORM   – Whoops  – Atheists bummed by Democrats’ God flip

9/1/12. Who is Bork? 8/27/12 Leading ‘non-theist’ aims to sway minds at GOP convention 8/21/12  MITT ROMNEY: The Separation Of Church And State Has Gone Too Far 6/28/12   Texas Republicans Oppose Teaching Kids Critical Thinking in School Because It ‘Undermines Parental Authority’  btw – God appeared in the Republican party platform 12 times…… 7/23/12 Niose – Atheists making political inroads 7/4/12  Obama’s atheist problem 5/17/12  Democrats charge GOP with bigotry in Thorne-Begland vote 4/29/12 Top Republican Strategist Denies Women Are Paid Less Than Men 4/2/12  Santorum: California Universities Don’t Teach American History  and  Dutch to Santorum: Pull the Plug on Euthanasia Talk 4/1/12  Women will remember in November 3/21/12  “Get Out!” Santorum, Perkins and the Religious Right’s Vision of America 3/17/12  Rick Santorum Promises War On Porn Industry  and  Santorum says Scientists are amoral (video) 3/13/12   So Far Right, It’s Wrong: The GOP Breaks From History 3/13/12 Red States Are The Real Welfare States 3/12/12  Despite lean times, Obama wants science R&D hikes 3/9/12  What the Republican Party Platform is 3/6/12  GOP’s Christian Hysteria Attacks U.S. Principle of Freedom From Religion 3/3/12 Watching Rick Santorum rise in the polls by positioning himself as the real Christian presidential candidate is like watching the sequel of a horror movie  3/2/12 Blunt’s proposal gives religion too much power over healthcare 2/28/12   Rick Santorum: COLLEGE Is Left-Wing Conspiracy! (video) Rule of Lord –  The Republican plan to nullify the courts and establish Christian theocracy. 2/26/12 Santorum: ‘I Almost Threw Up’ After Reading JFK Speech on Church, State 2/25/12  DOMA Ruling Appealed: House Leaders Appeal California Same-Sex Marriage Ruling 2/19/12 Rick Santorum: “You should get very nervous” about Obama’s view of religion 2/17/12 Campaign wages war against women 2/17/12  Why does Santorum despise the separation of church and state?