2013 Archive – Recent News

12/31/13   Doug Stanhope Raised Over $125,000 For Oklahoma Atheist After Notorious Wolf Blitzer Interview

12/27/13  Mother Thanks Atheist Group for Saving Christmas After ‘Shockingly Bad’ Church Treatment

12/26/13 OC Atheists Special Christmas Day Message: Jesus is NOT the Reason for the Season (from OCWeekly on-line magazine)

12/25/13  Flying Spaghetti Monster dubbed ‘most ridiculous affront’ to holiday displays

12/21/13  Americans’ Belief in God, Miracles and Heaven Declines

12/20/13  Bloomberg: Homelessness is ‘just the way God works.’ Especially with Bloomberg as mayor.

12/20/13  In season of giving, atheist groups’ charity rebuffed

12/19/13  Flying Spaghetti Monster On Display At Wisconsin State Capitol

12/19/13 Snopes the hoax buster takes on the bible/nativity scene

12/15/14 Judge orders Mt. Soledad cross removed but allows appeals (see church-State news)

12/12/13  There Are 13 Countries Where Atheism Is Punishable by Death

12/12/13  Fox News host flips over atheist holiday display: ‘Baby Jesus is behind the Festivus pole!’

12/12/13 Right-wing radio host Bryan Fischer says First Amendment only protects Christians (video)

12/8/13 Do you believe in a secular America? (video)

12/6/13  Satanists Seek Statue On Oklahoma Statehouse Steps (with video)

12/6/13  Florida To Celebrate Festivus With The Rest Of Us After Atheist’s Beer Can Pole Display Gets Approved
12/4/13 400,000 year old DNA from our ancestors? (see science news)
12/3/13  L.A. Times exposes Cardinal Mahony’s decades-long pattern of shielding child-abusing priests
12/2/13  Renew America: Godless Fascists Will Follow Satan’s Homosexual Agenda To Murder Christians (see batshit crazy news)
12/1/13  Drilling For Oil, Based On The Bible: Do Oil And Religion Mix?
11/22/13 FFRF, Gaylor, Barker overturn ‘parsonage exemption’ clergy privilege 
11/19/13  Atheist Sent To Jail For Rejecting God, In Blatant Violation Of The Constitution
11/19/13  Church-State Watchdog Group Says Pierce County Budget Proposal To Give $7,000 To Child Evangelism Fellowship Is Clear Constitutional Violation (see church state news)
11/18/13  NASA Launches New MAVEN Spacecraft, Begins Journey to Mars (see science news)
11/15/13 Catholic bishop plans exorcism of new Illinois gay marriage law
11/11/13  Northwest Christian University Class President Reveals He’s an Atheist
11/9/13     Atheist in Alabama: Reader comments spark conversation over belief, non-belief
11/7/13  Kentucky cross country runner pulls out of regional championships rather than run with bib number ’666′
11/6/13    12-yr-old girl commits suicide to be in heaven with her father
10/25 – 11/5 – Gone on vacation to the Galapagos Islands!
10/24/13 Vote on this one!  Remove “In God We Trust” from US currency and inscriptions in House and Senate chambers.
10/21/13   Tennessee judge cited for ordering baby’s name changed from Messiah
10/19/13    Air Force Academy Makes ‘So Help Me God’ Optional In Its Honor Oath
10/13/13 Operation Good Shepherd: MPD, pastors join hands to fight crime

10/13/13  The Radical Christian Right and the War on Government (see political news)
10/8/13   Need a mate?  See where love and hate come together. 
10/4/13 The Lawyer Who Helped Remove Mandatory Bible Readings from Public Schools Has Died
10/3/13  Ball State University President Plans To Review ‘Atheism’ Class After Complaint
10/2/13   Atheist Ireland: Oxymoron, or growing movement?
9/27/13  NASA Finds Most Crowded Galaxy Ever Seen (Video) (see Science news)
9/23/13 Why Are So Many Christians So Un-Christian?
9/19/13 Holy Freeloading! 10 Ways Religious Groups Suck on the Public Purse (see newsworthy articles)
9/18/13  U.S. to argue in Greece prayer case (see Church-state news)
9/18/13  Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to Coptic Christians: Convert to Islam, or pay ‘jizya’ tax
9/16/13 9/16/13 Liberty Counsel: Christians are being persecuted by ‘Pagan’ Obama Administration (Video) (see Batshit Crazy News)
9/16/13  Bullied for Not Believing in God  (support the SSA)
9/14/13  Iowa Youth Pastor Rapes Boys To ‘Cure’ Them Of Homosexuality, Won’t Spend One Day In Prison (see Batshit Crazy news)
9/13/13 Pat Robertson Unveils Gay-Repelling Necklace (see Batshit Crazy News)
9/13/13 Pastor gets ‘schooled’ on gay marriage 
9/11/13 Pat Robertson blames 9/11 attacks on separation of church and state
9/11/13  Voyager 1 finally arrives into interstellar space (see Science News)
9/5/13   Pledge of Allegiance challenged in Massachusetts Supreme Court and Reaction from Fox New – “you don’t have to live here”
8/30/13 Atheism, Evolution, Darwinism Are Religions, Claims Christian Historian David Barton (see batshit crazy news)
8/30/13  Religious Trauma Syndrome: How Some Organized Religion Leads to Mental Health Problems
8/29/13 NuSTAR Delivers the X-Ray Goods  and    NASA-Funded Scientists Detect Water on Moon’s Surface that Hints at Water  (see science news
8/29/13 8/26/13 Tiny human almost-brains made in lab (see science news)

8/27/13 18 GOP Lawmakers Urge Court to Save 29-Ft Cross at Calif. War Memorial (see church-state news)
8/26/13  DOJ Says Atheists Qualify for Clergy Home Tax Break
8/20/13  Secular parent wins battle against Gideon Bibles in schools (see church state news)
8/20/13  Study Suggests Atheists Smarter Than Christians
8/19/13  HIV patients told by Pentecostal pastors ‘to rely on God’

8/18/13  Government Lawyers Advocate For Atheism As A Religion
8/14/13  Evangelical pastor to stand trial in Massachusetts for alleged crimes against humanity
8/12/13 California Catholics mistake bug excrement for ‘tears of god’ (see batshit crazy news)
8/12/13   Odious Ray Comfort movie to be distributed in public schools
8/9/13  Obama administration backs prayer at local government meetings (see church-state news)
8/8/13  Kentucky school officials  rejected claims that creationism should be included and that climate change should be removed. (evo-creation news)
8/6/13  Sign the Petition:   Alabama State Legislators: Repeal law forcing schools to teach that being gay is criminal
8/5/13  ISLAMIC GROUP ISSUES FATWĀ ON CROISSANTS! (see Batshit Crazy news)
8/1/13 Why are millennials leaving church? Try atheism
8/1/13  For-Profit Firm Doesn’t Have Religious Freedom Right To Deny Workers Access To Contraceptives, Americans United Tells Court (see church-state news)
7/27/13 Oxygen boost aided carnivore evolution in Cambrian Explosion  (see Evo-Devo news)
7/25/13 FFRF: Teach students science, not religious dogma
7/24/13   Church-State Watchdog Group Says Owners Of Secular Corporations Have No Right To Impose Their Theology On Workers
7/6/13  New California House Candidate Funded By Advocate For ‘Total Integration Of Biblical Law’
7/13/13   Religious fundamentalism could soon be treated as mental illness
7/5/13   Italian police probe more suspicious Vatican bank transfers
7/5/13   Vatican ‘rent-boy’ prostitution ring exposed: ‘underage boys’ exploited
7/5/13  US ‘prayer cure’ couple lose appeal over child’s death
7/3/13  Atheism study authors: Congratulations, non-believers, you’re just like everybody else
6/29/13  It’s not just atheists who want to keep creationism out of classrooms (See Creo-Evo news)
6/24/13  American Atheists unveil America’s first-ever atheist-sponsored monument to be placed on government property.  (see Church-State news)
6/21/13  Atheists might be blocked from becoming U.S. citizens –      Later granted Citizenship 
6/21/13   12-Year Old Girl Can’t Play Football Because Of The Bible
6/20/13   Gay “Conversion” Ministry Apologizes, Disbands 
6/18/13   Atheists to unveil first monument on public land in Florida
6/13/13  Gay marriage in California: U.S. Supreme Court’s clock ticking to decide Proposition 8
6/12/13  In Unanimous Vote, Russia Passes Bill Making It Illegal To Tell Kids Gay People Exist
6/10/13  Parents’ fear of vaccinations nearly killed their son
6/6/13    House Armed Services Committee Rejects SCA-Supported Humanist Chaplain Amendment, 43-18 
6/1/13   A Public School Brought in Unqualified Christian Women to Teach Students About Sex… and Guess How That Went?
5/29/13   New Gallup Poll Says Religion is Losing Influence in Our Society
5/28/13   Atheist Charity raises over $100k for Blitzer’ed Oklahoma Tornado Survivor
5/24/13   Televangelist Pat Robertson Blames Woman’s Poor Homemaking Skills for Husband’s Cheating (see batsh*t crazy news)
Read more: http://www.seattlepi.com/entertainment/tv/tvguide/article/Televangelist-Pat-Robertson-Blames-Woman-s-Poor-4525604.php#ixzz2UMl2aBPX5/24/13  Glenn Beck Will Save Us All From CNN’s Secret Atheist Scheme (see batsh*t crazy news)
5/24/13   Does Yoga In Schools Violate Separation Of Church And State? (see church state news)
5/23/13 The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case involving the Town of Greece, New York (see church-state news)
5/20/13  Church Whistle-Blowers Join Forces on Abuse
5/20/13  Atheist Arizona lawmaker quotes Carl Sagan for House opening prayer
5/17/13  Islamists riot in Bangladesh chanting ‘Atheists must be hanged’
5/16/13  50 High School Students Ditch Class and Get Away With It… Because of Jesus
5/16/13  Skeptoid news/blog
5/15/13 Cloning produces human embryonic stem cells (see science news)
5/13/13 Kepler mission may be over (see science news)
5/12/13 Louisiana stuck with creationism: Repeal of Science Education Act fails
5/9/13 Stunning 30-year timelapse shows earth’s changing surface (see climate change news)
5/3/13  National group asks School Board to end pre-meeting prayers (see church state news)
5/2/13  Atheists meet with Governor Brownback of Kansas (see political news)
5/2/13 Atheist group sues over student-led religious assembly (see church-state news)
5/1/13 Serpent-handling pastor dies from rattlesnake bite as his father did
4/30/13  Virgin Galactic Is One Supersonic Trip Closer to Actual Space Tourism (see Science news)
4/29/13 Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins discuss religion in the modern world and debate science in their new film.
4/29/13  Day of Reason proclamation by NC mayor 
4/26/13  “All autistic kids are atheists and atheism is a form of autism”
4/25/13  Fox’s Dobbs Pushes Conspiracy That Government Is “Arming Up”
4/22/13 One ridiculous explanation why God permits bombing like the one in Boston
4/21/13  Second Child Death for Convicted Faith-Healing Couple
4/18/13  Belief in Angry God Associated with Poor Mental Health
4/14/13 Peace in the Middle East – God’s Wrath? (video) 
4/12/13  Judge Rules 9/11 Memorial Cross ‘Non-Religious’
4/12/13   Sea ice max continues downward trend (see Climate Change news)
4/11/13 Evidence points toward solving evolutionary ‘missing link’ (see Science News)
4/10/13  Tennessee bill allows Christian counselors to reject suicidal LGBT students because of religious reasons (see Church-State news)
4/9/13 Poll Shows Many Americans Ill-Informed on Church-State Separation (see Church-State news)
4/5/13 Arkansas State Representative Who Called Eight-Year-Old Atheist a Fool: ‘I Regret’ the Comment
4/4/13  Michigan woman has recreated the last supper — out of laundry lint.
4/2/13 Robertson: God gives fewer miracles to ‘too-educated Americans’ who learn science (with video)
3/30/13  How Would Today’s Republicans Treat Jesus?
3/29/13  Does the USPS discriminates on atheists packages?
3/24/13 How this millionaire activist is making atheism the next civil rights issue
3/21/13  Mississippi governor signs school prayer bill
3/21/13  Climate debate cut from national curriculum for children up to 14 in the UK
3/20/13   Supreme Court declines to hear Kentucky case
3/20/13 The Baton Rouge Advocate endorses the effort to repeal Louisiana’s  (see creo-evo tab)
3/19/12   M.I.T. Computer Program Reveals Invisible Motion in Video (with cool video)  see the Science News tab
3/15/13 Obama Appoints Church-State Law Expert to Head Faith-Based Office (see the political news tab)

3/11/13 Hottest year in recorded history (see the Climate Change News tab)


3/7/13  Cosmic Cookers: Asteroids May Have Nurtured Seeds of Life (see the Science news tab)

3/7/13 Pat Robertson Says Demons Attach Themselves To Clothes (with video)
3/5/13  Christian fundamentalist Bryan Fischer calls liberal atheists the ‘American Taliban’ (with video)
3/1/13 Group in Indiana wants ‘traditional high school prom’ banning gay, lesbian students – will parents in the future ask for a ban of atheists attending?
Read more: http://www.wcpo.com/dpp/news/region_indiana/group-in-indiana-wants-traditional-high-school-prom-banning-gay-lesbian-students#ixzz2MJAfIK00 – See more at: http://www.wcpo.com/dpp/news/region_indiana/group-in-indiana-wants-traditional-high-school-prom-banning-gay-lesbian-students#sthash.Mt5A3ODk.dpuf2/26/13 CFI Scores a Victory in Michigan against Atheist Discrimination

2/24/13  Excelent graph representing which religions have a conflist with creationism

2/22/13  Glen Beck and his co-hort Dave Barton debunked:  Check out the videos “Liars for Jesus” on our Links page under Videos
2/21/13 Non-believers taking college campuses by storm
2/13/13  De-Evolution bill cloaked as ‘Critical Thinking’ in Missouri (see evo-devo tab)
2/12/13  House OKs Funding to Rebuild Churches (see church-state tab)
2/3/13  Saudi preacher gets off light for raping, killing daughter
2/3/13  Catholic Hell: Faith fails as sex abuse in church silenced (video)
2/3/13  Alliance of Happy Atheists! promotes positive image for atheism
2/1/13 Cardinal Mahony Stripped of Public Church Duties (with video)
1/31/13  Republicans Look to Court the “Nones”
1/26/13  Ugandan Gay-Rights Group Sues U.S. Pastor1/28/13 High-flying bacteria spark interest in possible climate effects (see the science tab)
1/24/13 Catholic Hospital Chain Kills Wrongful Death Lawsuit by Arguing that a Fetus is Not a Person
1/25/13  Arizona Republicans Propose Bill That Would Not Allow Atheists To Graduate High School
1/24/13  Religious/Private Schools Have The ‘Choice,’ But Want Taxpayers To Foot The Bill (See Church-State tab)
1/8/12  Major Church-State Developments From 2012 (see Church-State tab)
1/23/13 Spidery black objects on Mars surface raise speculation (see the Science tab)
1/17/13  Secular Coalition Touts Church State Separation, Praises Obama on Religious Freedom Day  (see the political news tab)
1/17/13  Fecal transplants show promise in treating intestinal infection (see the Science News tab)
1/16/13 Demand Boy Scouts Of America End Discrimination Against Homosexuals and Atheists
1/16/13 Discrimination against atheists in U.S. and globally, IHEU finds
1/14/13    How 19-year-old activist Zack Kopplin is making life hell for Louisiana’s creationists (see Evoultion/creationist tab)
1/14/13  Satanists Plan Rally in Support of Florida Gov. Rick Scott
1/11/13  When Will We Have More Open Atheists in Congress? (see political news page)
1/12/13 Creationists in trademark suit (See Creationist/Evolution page)
1/8/12  Organizations Say Tuition Tax-Credit Program Violates New Hampshire Constitution (see Church-State tab)
1/7/13  So Cal atheist group for seniors targeted: Atheists Anonymous members say backlash growing
1/6/12 Non-believers on rise in Congress