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6/1/19 I’ve been busy with other projects and will be postponing recent news for a while….

5/3/19 Trump administration’s most dangerous attempt yet to weaponize religious freedom.” (video)

5/1/19 How Science Will Explain & Fix Fake News

4/27/19  Unvaccinated Oregon Boy Is Diagnosed with Tetanus, the State’s 1st Child Case in 30 Years

After an extended break, I’m back with postings…… bg

11/16/18  Vitamin D supplements don’t prevent heart disease or cancer

11/15/18  Priest Accused of Scamming Church Parishioners with Fake Cancer Diagnosis

11/15/18   Christian Pastor: God Will Cure Cancer to Make Up for Synagogue Shooting

11/14/18 Development near natural areas puts more Californians in the path of wildfires

11/11/18   Coffee or tea? Your preference may be written in your DNA

11/10/18   American Atheists Statement on Firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions

11/10/18 Trump Admin Finalizes Rules Limiting Women’s Access to Birth Control

Taking a break

9/22/18   Shahzeen Attari explores the psychology of saving the planet  The engineer takes a personal approach to solving environmental problems

9/10/19   Creationist Encourages Kentucky Schools to Violate Constitution After Atheist Advisory Letter

8/30/18  Blocking Atheists from Delivering Invocations is Unconstitutional Says Court

8/29/18  Atheists Commend LAPD for Removal of Massive Scientology Display from Department

8/15/18 Children may be especially vulnerable to peer pressure from robots

8/14/18 Folly #2: Atheist vs. Christian Mental Health

8/13/18  Which side will atheists choose in the war on science?

8/11/18 Freedom From Religion Foundation Wants Sheriff’s Office to Remove ‘For God and Country’ Patches

8/4/18 God could return to Alabama schools, in form of trust motto

8/2/18 The first gene-silencing drug wins FDA approval

7/24/18 F.E. Warren AFB commander’s removal of Bible from POW/MIA table brings praise, protests

7/23/18 . Trump to Seek Repeal of California’s Smog-Fighting Power

7/20/18 Ignoring The Best Interest Of Kids, House Republicans Pass Amendment To Allow Adoption Agencies To Discriminate (see political news)

7/19/18  House votes to prevent IRS from punishing churches engaging in politics

7/19/18 A Russian Spy Used the National Prayer Breakfast to Infiltrate America

7/18/18  Why you can all stop saying meat eating fueled evolution of larger brains right now

7/17/18  Conservatives More Likely to Know ‘the Meaning of Life’ Than Liberals, Massive Study Finds (god has nothing to do with it)

7/15/18 . Majority of Americans Reject Claim US is a ‘Christian Nation’

7/9/18 Trump’s Supreme Court Pick a ‘Disaster’ for Religious Equality

7/5/18   Most Americans think funding science pays off

7/1/18 Air pollution is triggering diabetes in 3.2 million people each year

6/14/18  US Christians Think God Looks a Lot Like Them

6/12/18 .  Antarctica has lost about 3 trillion metric tons of ice since 1992 . See Climate Change news

5/25/18 Pregnant bonobos get a little delivery help from their friends

5/24/18 Why the Catholic church is ‘hemorrhaging’ priests

5/21/18 . Keeping global warming to 1.5 degrees C helps most species hold their ground.  See Climate Change news

5/19/18  Congressman Blames Sea Level Rise on Falling Rocks, Is Very Wrong

5/16/18 Oklahoma’s governor signs bill described by opponents as discriminatory

5/12/18 With a little convincing, rats can detect tuberculosis. See Science news

5/5/18  One Way Sharks Get a Bad Rap

4/25/18 The ‘End of the World’ Is Today. Here’s Why We’re Still Here.

4/24/18  Rising CO2 levels might not be as good for plants as we thought . (See Climate news)

4/24/18  Informed wisdom trumps rigid rules when it comes to medical evidence

4/21/18 As World Warms, America’s Invisible ‘Climate Curtain’ Creeps East (see Climate news)

4/16/18 New NSA leader is anti-science and anti-climate change (see Political news)

4/10/18 Ocean heat waves are becoming more common and lasting longer (See Climate news)

4/4/18  Herbalife Settles With Federal Government For $200 Million … to the delight of Herbalife!

3/30/18  We probably won’t hear from aliens. But by the time we do, they’ll be dead.

3/27/18  Robert Jeffress says schools should fight gun violence by teaching the Ten Commandments

3/26/18 Lawmakers applaud US Navy for declining application of ‘atheist chaplain’

3/24/18 John Bolton’s appointment is a fitting coda to conservatism’s failures . See Political News

3/23/18 American Atheists conference is in Oklahoma city March 29 – April 1, 2018 

3/21/18  Male birth control pill passes a safety test

3/20/18 Kids are starting to picture scientists as women

3/11/18 . Commentary:  Religion does not belong in Florida public schools

3/5/18 Google moves toward quantum supremacy with 72-qubit computer

2/21/18 American Atheists Submits Testimony Opposing Religious Refusal Law in New Hampshire

2/8/18 ‘A pseudo-science’: Outrage after Ontario government funds college program in homeopathy

1/25/18 Baby macaques are the first primates to be cloned like Dolly the Sheep

1/23/18  Why 200,000 Antelope Dropped Dead in 3 Weeks – See Climate Change news

1/23/18 The Dehumanization of Atheists – Guest Post

1/22/18  ‘First Face of America’ explores how humans reached the New World

1/21/18  Atheists Denounce Trump Administration’s New “Religious Freedom” Office and Dangerous Rules Promoting Discrimination

1/20/18 China’s Quantum-Key Network, the Largest Ever, Is Officially Online

1/19/18  Pope displays moral hypocrisy to world

1/15/18 LogiCal-LA offers PayNowPayLater installment payments for Los Angeles’s only scientific skeptic conference.  

1/14/18  ‘Laid-back’ bonobos take a shine to belligerents

Happy New Year!


12/28/17 What Is ‘Water Memory’? Why This Homeopathy Claim Doesn’t Hold Water

12/27/17 Why Donald Trump Is Wrong About Exercise

12/26/17    No, You Should Not Put Jade Eggs in Your Vagina Because Gwyneth Paltrow Tells You To

12/24/17  ‘Don’t Eat the Placenta,’ Doctors Warn New Parents

12/20/17  8 Times Flat-Earthers Tried to Challenge Science (and Failed) in 2017

12/15/17 Word ban at CDC includes ‘vulnerable,’ ‘science based,’ ‘evidence based’

12/14/17 Tax Code Change Could Free Churches, Charities to Become Political Players (update – this will NOT be added in the tax bill!  Good News!)

12/13/17 Earth’s Mysterious Hum Recorded Underwater for 1st Time – See Science News

12/13/17  In Theory: A humanist congressman risks revealing his atheism

12/12/17 Federal maps underestimate flood risk for tens of millions of people, scientists warn – see Climate Change news

12/6/17  New report: 85 countries ‘severely discriminate’ against the non-religious

12/4/17   The Masterpiece Cakeshop Case Is About Discrimination, Not Dessert . also this:  First Amendment Lawyer Explains What’s At Stake in “Gay Wedding Cake” Case

11/28/17  Atheists File Suit Against NJ County After Government Money Used to Promote Religious Ceremonies

11/27/17  US Government Shuts Down Flat-Earther’s Rocket Launch

11/13/17  SECURITY OR VIGILANTISM? “God’s Army” patrolling the streets of North Phoenix

11/13/17  Scalia’s bias in the Supreme Court –  article.    “Only by becoming aware of the mental heuristics and cognitive biases that commonly plague human decision makers can people guard against them. ”  (Sounds like scientific skeptics motto!)

Also on the Supreme Court:   Supreme Court Justices Looked to Personal Views Rather Than Legal Arguments for Hobby Lobby Decision

 11/10/17 .  Trump Abruptly Shuts Down Dogs for Wounded Warriors Program, Leaving Vets High and Dry on Veteran’s Day!  See Politcal News

11/8/17 Lab-Grown Skin Saves Dying Boy with Rare Disease – See Science News

11/6/17  2017 Is Slated to Be in Top 3 Hottest Years of All Time

10/29/17 Catholic School Sex-Education Plan Allows For Marital Rape

10/28/17 American Atheists File Federal Lawsuit After Student Disciplined, Harassed for Sitting Out Pledge

10/27/17  IUK organization hosts Graveyard of the Gods ahead of Halloween

10/21/17 ‘Gone, Gone, Gone!’ Styx Teams Up with NASA for Megarocket Music Video

10/20/17 Atheists Condemn Trump Administration’s ‘License to Discriminate’

10/18/17   In many places around the world, obesity in kids is on the rise

10/16/17  What is the link between hurricanes and global warming?  See Climate Change news

10/16/17   Ion Thruster Prototype Breaks Records in Tests, Could Send Humans to Mars – see Science News

10/15/17 Religious Freedom And Social Justice Are Not In Conflict

10/14/17  Mississippi’s Anti-LGBTQ Law About To Go Into Effect

110/9/17   New Trump Administration Policies Are A Blueprint For Using Religion To Discriminate – See Church State news

10/1/17 Trio of detectors tracks gravitational waves to their home See Science News

9/30/17  Astronauts to Flat-Earther B.o.B: We’ve Seen the Curve

9/22/17 In a first, human embryos edited to explore gene function – See Science News

9/17/17  Christian ‘Researcher’ Claims The Rapture Starts On Saturday

9/5/17  Riots feared as India’s infamous ‘Guru of Bling’ is jailed for 20 years for rape

9/1/17 How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic – See Climate Change News

8/28/17 Seeing one picture at a time helps kids learn words from books

8/19/17   What do plants and animals do during an eclipse?

8/16/17 For Some Reason, The Religious Right Is Looking For A Boost From The Eclipse

8/9/17  Do You Wish You Were Smarter? Ben Carson’s Discovery Is Proven To Double Your IQ And Will Be Banned From The Public (fake news)

8/6/17  Playing with your brain: Negative impact of some action video games

8/2/17   More U.S. adults are drinking, and more heavily

7/28/17  Does doom and gloom convince anyone about climate change?  See Climate Change news

7/27/17  Ian Warden: we are spiritual but not Religious ( Australian atheists)

7/26/17 .  Scientists genetically modify a human embryo for the first time

7/25/17  Big, Dangerous Comets Are More Common Than Previously Thought – See Science News

7/23/17  Don’t believe the American Heart Assn. — butter, steak and coconut oil aren’t likely to kill you

7/22/17 Kentucky Officials Have Ended the $18 Million Tax Rebate Deal With Ark Encounter .  The Creationists running Ark Encounter just screwed themselves out of $18 million over the next decade because they didn’t want to pay a local safety fee worth about $700,000 a year.

7/21/17   No, Research Has Not Established That You Inherited Your Intelligence From Your Mother

7/20/17   After Raking In Various Government Subsidies For His ‘Ark Park,’ Ken Ham Refuses To Pay A Modest Safety Tax

7/19/17    Humans first settled in Australia as early as 65,000 years ago

7/15/17   Water bears will survive the end of the world as we know it

7/13/17   Hobby Lobby Just Announced Plan To Close ALL Stores – Founder Reveals The Alarming Reason Why…

7/9/17   DNA evidence is rewriting domestication origin stories

7/8/17   Arkansas’ Ten Commandments Monument Lasted Less Than 24 Hours

7/7/17 .  CLIMATE CHANGE IN THE AMERICAN MIND: MAY 2017 – See Climate Change news

7/6/17   Catholic Bishops Push For Federal Private School Voucher Program With No Accountability

7/4/17   Fastest Stars in the Milky Way Are Galactic Fugitives – See Science News

7/1/17  Climate change could exacerbate economic inequalities in the U.S.  – See Climate Change news

6/29/17   Robots Poised To Take A Plethora Of Jobs

6/28/17   Vatican’s Chief Exorcist Warns That Yoga Causes ‘Demonic Possession’

6/22/17   Breaking News! 300,000-Year-Old Remains Place Oldest Homo Sapiens in Morocco

6/21/17    Betsy DeVos Wants to Use America’s Schools to Build “God’s Kingdom”

6/20/17  Southern Baptist Convention Refuses To Condemn White Supremacy

6/16/17   Texas Governor Signs Christians First ‘Religious Freedom’ Adoption Law

6/15/17  The truth about God

6/13/17  Creationist Ken Ham Blames Atheists For Ark Park Failure

6/6/17  Hottest Alien Planet Ever Discovered Is a Real Scorcher -See Science News

6/4/17  Supreme Court’s Decision In Religiously Affiliated Hospital Pension Cases Endangers Hundreds Of Thousands Of Workers

6/3/17 .  Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf is within days of completely cracking . See Climate Change news

6/1/17  Mouse sperm survive space to spawn See Science News

5/26/17 Early Collapse of Arctic Sea Ice Is Another Ominous Sign of Rapid Warming.  See Climate Change News

5/23/17   Older adults may not benefit from taking statins

5/22/17 .  TX gov. signs bill protecting pastors’ sermons – See Church State news

5/18/17   Atheism May Be More Common Than We Think, Study Finds 

5/17/17   Science Makes America Great

5/15/17   Atheists Threaten Lawsuit After Trump Executive Order Gives Special Treatment to Churches

5/13/17   One Way Sharks Get a Bad Rap

5/12/17   Trump Endangers National Security, And The Religious Right Just Yawns

5/11/17   Lawsuit Challenging Pennsylvania House of Representatives Discriminatory Invocation Policy Moves Forward

5/9/17   Marijuana’s Mind-Altering Compound May Improve Memory

5/6/17   Proved: Atheists Have Higher IQs Than Religious People

5/6/17   Why Millennial Women Are Embracing Atheism

5/6/17 Disk Smith’s Australian grocery store statement on Halal products

5/5/17   Trump’s executive order disappoints religious conservatives . See Political News

5/4/17  One of the WORST pseudo science site I’ve seen:  Also: “Finally – the cure for cancer!” (and it was discovered during WWII! – and it was inexpensive and easy! And it’s natural – quantities limited – works with you own healthy cells ) You only have to listen to this natural-based cure bullshit for 15 minutes before being offered the cure, and you can’t fast forward.   Watch HERE 

5/2/17   Atheists Invite San Antonio Mayor to Meet Constituents After Anti-Atheist Remarks

5/1/17 . EPA website removes climate science site from public view after two decades (See Climate Change news)

5/1/17 . Kirk Cameron: “Men Who Submit To Their Wives During

4/28/17  Feds raid televangelist Benny Hinn’s Grapevine offices

4/28/17   First settlers reached Americas 130,000 years ago, study claims

4/25/17   Trump’s anti-science budget will be a disaster for America’s bottom line

4/23/17    Is soda bad for your brain? (And is diet soda worse?)

4/20/17   Haught: Anti-science education bill not benign

4/19/17  Trump’s religious pandering uses alternative facts

4/15/16    If There is No God, is Murder Wrong?

4/11/17   How many American atheists are there really?

4/7/17   Allan Adams: What the discovery of gravitational waves means (TED Video)

4/3/17   When coal replaces a cleaner energy source, health is on the line

4/2/17   Renowned atheist is hated, murdered, revived in new Netflix film

3/31/17   It’s Time For The Religious Right To Embrace The ‘Mind-Your-Own-Business’ Option

3/29/17   Supermassive black hole gets kicked to the galactic curb – See Science News

3/28/17   Most Americans like science — and are willing to pay for it

3/27/17   Explaining climate change science & rebutting global warming misinformation  – Also this:  E.P.A. Head Stacks Agency With Climate Change Skeptics

3/25/17   Great webpage defining what scientific skepticism is

3/23/17   Large Hadron Collider experiment nabs five new particles

3/22/17  LogiCal-LA conference fundraiser extended – please donate now

3/20/17   Life’s eternal questions, answered for schoolchildren without deferring to God

3/14/17   Pope suggests it’s better to be an atheist than a bad Christian

3/13/17  Carbon dioxide levels rose at record pace for 2nd straight year (See Climate Change news)

3/12/17 Your dog is judging you

3/10/17 .  Atheist blogger on trial in Russia for playing ‘Pokemon GO’ in church

3/7/17 . Creationist Ken Ham’s Ky. ‘Ark Park’ Fails To Lift All Boats

3/6/17  The Hard Truth About ‘School Choice’ That Trump Wants To Ignore (See Political News)

3/5/17 . Trump’s Dangerous Plan to Deregulate Pharmaceuticals (See political News)

3/2/173/2/17  Earth-like planets found orbiting nearby star . See Science news

3/1/17 Robert Reich: 7 Signs American Democracy Is Sliding into Tyranny (See political News)

2/28/17  Atheist Group Wants Ordinance Banning Literature Mocking Christianity Scrubbed From Books

2/27/17  COUNT Volunteer Andrew Whitacre Wins Inaugural McAwesome Award

2/25/17   Atheists Online: -How Atheists Grew An Active Internet Community-

2/23/17    Can an atheist deliver a prayer? U.S. judge wrestles with challenge to Pa. House’s invocation rule

2/22/17   Further Demolishing the Wall Separating Church and State

2/19/17  Pat Robertson: Opposition To Trump Is Revolt Against God

2/18/17  The anti-vaccine movement is growing dangerously stronger

 2/17/17   KAZAKHSTAN: Atheist writer faces more criminal charges

2/14/17  College Students Required to Attend Lecture on Exorcisms

2/12/17  Science Education May Be Devolving In South Dakota

2/10/17   Herbalife Settles With Federal Government For $200 Million … to the delight of Herbalife!

2/9/17   This group wants to fight ‘anti-science’ rhetoric by getting scientists to run for office

2/7/17  There may be an antidote to politically motivated reasoning. And it’s wonderfully simple.

2/6/17   Trump Appoints Creationist Jerry Falwell Jr. To Lead Higher Education Deregulation Task Force

2/4/17  The scary implications of Trump’s Prayer Breakfast speech: Destroying the line between church and state would be terrible for LGBT people

2/1/17 .The Johnson Amendment, Which Trump Vows to ‘Destroy,’ Explained

2/1/17 . Leaked Draft of Trump’s Religious Freedom Order Reveals Sweeping Plans to Legalize Discrimination.   See political News

1/26/17   Around The World: Norway Partially Separates Church And State

1/23/17  2016 hottest year for 3rd straight year (See Climate News)

1/22/17 How Israel Went From Atheist Zionism to Jewish State

1/12/17  The Long, Slow Death of Religion

1/6/17   America’s cultural divide as evidenced by television viewers . (see political news)

1/5/17  Secular Celebrants Will Be Allowed to Solemnize Marriages in Illinois After Atheist Wins Lawsuit

1/2/17 .  For the second time ever, scientists detected gravitational waves from colliding black holes

1/1/17 .  In breakthrough experiment, scientists shine a light on antimatter

12/30/16    A Skeptic Fact-Checks Yoga’s Health Claims And Goes With The Om

12/28/16 . Read this good article about  scientific skepticism.

12/26/16 Researchers Use World’s Smallest Diamonds to Make Wires Three Atoms Wide

12/20/16  New International Religious Freedom Act a first for atheists. More here

12/19/16  HB2 law: North Carolina to repeal ‘bathroom bill’ See Political News

12/18/16  ‘Phone seismometers’ prove their worth

12/15/16  NASA launches 8 mini-satellites for hurricane forecasting

12/9/16   How Trump Might Affect The Federal Courts

12/6/16 .  Will Trump’s Presidency Empower Creationists?

12/5/16 . More hotels are checking out of the Bible business

12/3/16 .  Thousands rally in Indonesia to celebrate diversity

12/2/16  Irreverent: Atheists annual Christmas mockery begins

12/1/16   Black atheists matter: How an increasingly vocal group of freethinkers is taking on religion

11/29/16 .  Texas to implement rules requiring burial or cremation of fetal remains

11/27/16 Trump’s pick for education secretary will destroy public education

11/25/16 . Trump Wanted Jerry Falwell Jr. To Run The U.S. Department of Education

11/23/16 .   Feel The Burn With Tony Robbins (burned feet)

11/22/16   Herbalife Settles With Federal Government For $200 Million … to the delight of Herbalife!

11/20/16 . A rare win for science: The FTC issues its enforcement policy on homeopathic remedies

11/18/16   Stephen Hawking thinks humanity has only 1,000 years left of survival on Earth and that our species needs to colonize other planets.

11/16/16     French Mayor wants ALL school meals to be vegetarian to avoid offending other religions

11/14/16  Why do people believe in God and how can they say he/she exists?

11/12/16     Anti-Intellectualism Is Biggest Threat To Modern Society

11/9/16  “Donald Trump’s presidential election win stuns scientists”  See Political news

11/8/16   Why climate change experts fear Trump’s presidency  – see Climate Change news

11/2/16  Evolution and Children: Getting off to the Right Start

11/5/16     NASA: We’re Not Racing SpaceX to Mars

11/4/16 Teen says she’s ready to give birth to baby Jesus, doctors say she’s definitely not pregnant

11/3/16  Parents fear that religion will make their children outcasts 

11/2/16   Researchers Clear ‘Patient Zero’ From AIDS Origin Story

11/1/16    ‘Last Chance’ to Limit Global Warming to Safe Levels, UN Scientists Warnsee Climate Change news

10/27/16   ‘Embodiment of pseudoscience’: Deepak Chopra bad choice for Edmonton autism conference says expert

10/26/16   Scientific Skepticism in Four Easy Steps

10/24/16    Little lies become big ones neurology shows 


10/22/16   Religion And Education Explain The White Vote

10/20/16 Four rituals that will make you happier


10/14/16    Mom Explains Why She Killed Her 2 Kids: ‘I Gave Them a Choice’ to Live or Die

10/12/16     New Analysis: 26 million voters with no religion could turn out on Nov. 8, dwarfing previous records

10/10/16   Al-Qaeda Attack Survivor Says Quran Makes Her ‘Such a Good Atheist’

10/8/16  FFRF brings freethought into the Virginia prison system 


10/2/16 Action Alert! Keep Religious Schools out of the Federal Piggy Bank

10/1/16   Mormon Church leaders discuss ‘homosexual agenda’ in leaked videos

9/28/16   Catholic Church ACQUITS Mexican priest who admitted raping 30 young girls even though he knew he was infected with HIV 

9/26/16  Blogger arrested in West Bengal for allegedly committing blasphemy against Islam

9/23/16  A wake-up call on the junk science infesting our courtrooms

9/22   Pat Robertson: “Orlando Shooting Is God’s Punishment For SCOTUS’ Same-Sex Marriage Ruling”

9/20//16   Did you know that intelligence is inherited from mothers?

9/20/16   Religion in US ‘worth more than Google and Apple combined’

9/19/16   Muslims surpass atheists as most hated religious group in America, according to new study

9/18/18    Atheists Among America’s Most Disliked Groups, University of Minnesota Study Shows

9/17/16   Humans will be extinct in 100 years says eminent scientist

9/16/16  Ariz. Public Charter School Promotes Religion, Americans United Says In Lawsuit

9/14/16  Presidential hopefuls pander to religion

9/13/16    10 Places Around The World That Impose A Ban On Islamic Dress

9/11/16  Creationism Booted From Ohio Public Schools

9/9/16  Religious Right Support For Donald Trump Exposes Movement’s Values Void, Says Americans United

9/8/16 Embattled Soledad cross will remain standing after 25-year legal battle

9/1/16   The pope beatifies Mother Teresa, a fanatic, a fundamentalist, and a fraud.

8/27/16   Healthcare Denied At 550 Hospitals Because Of Catholic Doctrine

8/26/16   $28,280 Later, An Atheist Has Ended His Fundraiser for a Christian Charity That Won’t Take His Cash

8/24/16  Catholic Hospital Turns Away Bleeding Woman With Dislodged IUD 

8/22/16    The Many Similarities Between Jesus and Buddha (see the Atheism/Jesus page)

8/20/16   Evolution in Action: Lizard Moving From Eggs to Live Birth (See Evolution page)

8/18/16   Chancy Combo: Why The Founders Were Not Fans Of Preacher-Politicians

8/16/16  NASA’s unconstitutional grant to religious institute 

8/13/16  One of the best compilations of Shermer and the argument against god’s existence I’ve seen.

8/11/16  America Does Not Ban Religions: Urge the House to Pass the Freedom of Religion Act

8/9/16   Changing The Law on Euthanasia (article)

8/8/16   FFRF gives Florida police chief constitutional lessons

8/7/16   Star Wars-themed ‘Jedi’ religion poses a major problem for atheists in Australia, and here’s their warning

8/6/16 Fox News Hannity Bitchslapped by Atheist  – Also:Atheist Michael Newdow Intellectually Demolishes Arrogant Moron on Fox News

8/4/16    Supreme Court will rule on church-state divide in playground case

8/3/16     Why do Democrats keep snubbing atheists? We help drive the party

8/2/16Mississippi public school cancels prayer service due to FFRF letter

7/29/16FFRF protests students being punished at San Diego State

7/27/16 Petition: “Naturopaths are not physicians: stop legitimizing pseudoscience”

7/23/16 Is Religion To Blame For Violence?  (Video)

7/20/16  Atheists Ask House Majority Leader to Sponsor Humanist Invocation7/22/16  Is Religion To Blame For Violence?  (Video)

7/16/19  Scientists REVERSE memory loss ‘for the first time’ in Alzheimer’s patients This study was criticized as a unworthy by the SGU HERE  Go to the July 2 podcast and start listening at around 4 minutes.

7/14/16  (off topic)  Just watched “The Brainwashing Of My Dad” on NetFlix and thought it had many skeptic-oriented ideas which can relate to religious brainwashing. Also see

7/8/16   Talking Science: Facts About Vaccines and Herd Immunity

7/7/16 Noah’s ark attraction, complete with dinosaurs in cages, ready to open in Kentucky 

7/6/16   New clues in search for Planet Nine  (see Science news)

7/4/16   Warming alters mountain plant’s sex ratios (See Climate Change news)

7/2/16   Marijuana use dampens brain’s response to reward over time, study finds

7/1/16   “Breastfeed is the best vaccine for everything!”: An anti-vax mom changes her tune, and the idiotic backlash begins

6/29/16California city council nixes huge grant to religious school (Local Santa Ana School)

6/28/16  Deserting Islam? Supermarket refuses to bake cake for ex-Muslims

6/23/16  FFRF protests religious decals on Kansas cop cars

6/22/16   One Year Has Passed Since The Marriage Equality Ruling. Let’s Find Out Just How Many Pastors Have Been Forced To Marry Same-Sex Couples

6/17/16   Pharisees And Sadducees: The Religious Right Reacts To Orlando By Doubling Down

6/15/16  Facebook facing heavy criticism after removing major atheist pages

6/14/16   Why Is the Media Ignoring Ted Cruz’s Embrace of ‘Kill the Gays’ Pastor?  (See Political news)

6/14/16   Sacramento Baptist pastor praises Orlando massacre  and this from the Rachel Maddow show

6/13/16   Spoiler Alert: A Paul Ryan-Led House Unlikely to Shift on Climate Issues (see Climate Change news)

6/11/16   Bangladeshi Police Arrest More Than 3,000 People To Prevent Further Attacks on Atheists and Others

6/10/16  Dutch Replica of Noah’s Ark Suffers Damage In Collision at Oslo Port

6/9/16  Flying Spaghetti Monster spotted underwater off Australia

6/7/16 Global Carbon Emissions Plateaued In 2015, According To BP (See Science news)

6/4/16 FFRF asks NASA to withdraw large religious grant


5/28/16 Three of six Perquimans brothers of a “Christian home school family” accused of sexually abusing their sister plead guilty

5/27/16 The Growing Threat of Creationism (See Evolution/Creationism news)

5/27/16  Texas school district cracks down on religious promotion after FFRF complains  (See Church-State news)

5/26/16  Astro-Geeks Claim To Find Biggest Structure Ever Seen  (see Science news)

5/25/16  Beware The Honey Trap: Gwyneth Promotes Bee Venom Therapy

5/24/16  College Students Required to Attend Lecture on Exorcisms

5/24/16  Synthetic Life: Most Minimalist Microorganism (see Science news)

5/20/16 Church More Dangerous For Kids Than Transgender Bathrooms –

5/14/16  American Atheists sues Bradley sheriff over Facebook use

5/10/16  Human Rights Coalition Tells Bangladesh: Stop Blaming the Victims of Extremist Attacks


5/7/15 Hubble Unveils Deepest View Of The Universe Ever – See Science news

5/5/16 Secular activist who criticised Islamism killed in Dhaka

5/4/16 Backyard Skeptics Unveils Godless Mother’s Day Billboard

5/3/16   The man billed as the first atheist who could be bound for Congress isn’t actually an atheist at all

5/1/16  Kentucky Activists Fight “Noah’s Ark Park”


4/22/16   Texas cops remove biblical patch 

4/21/16  Michigan schools tighten rules for religious clubs due to FFRF

4/20/16   After Complaints, Rutgers Art Library Removes Artwork Featuring a Crucified Jesus on a Dartboard

4/18/16  Oklahoma House Passes Resolution That Could Allow a Ten Commandments Display on Capitol Grounds

4/14/16  Governor’s veto of bible bill

4/13/16   Mississippi governor signs law allowing armed church members

4/12/16    Nontheists sue California school district over censorship

4/9/16  Bangladeshi al Qaeda wing declares war on atheists

4/8/16Thousands quit Church of Denmark after atheist campaign

4/7/16  Founding fathers fought for ‘separation for church and state.’

4/6/16 Having already made a .50-caliber sniper gun the official state rifle,Tennessee lawmakers on Monday gave final approval to making the Holy Bible the state’s official book.

4/5/16   Just what does religious freedom mean?

4/3/16  Federal Court: Indiana Must Allow Secular Celebrants to Solemnize Marriages

4/1/16   Conflicts Between Science and Spirituality Are Rooted In Your Brain

4/1/116   VA orders Bible removed from MIA/POW table

3/31/16    Mississippi Bill Would Let Churches Create Armed Security Squads and legally kill people

3/30/16  Top 10 Reasons Jesus Christ Never Existed

3/29/16  Atheist Alternative to Air Force Basic Training Church Gatherings Hits Record Attendance

3/28/16 When Exemption is the Rule: The Religious Freedom Strategy of the Christian Right  A long article which explains very clearly the goal of the religious right.

3/26/16  Prayer, Belief in God Sinks to All-Time Low in U.S.  Millennials accounted for the sharpest faith-based declines. 

3/24/16   Star of HGTV’s upcoming reality series Flip It Forward (*UPDATE: show has been cancelled due to his anti-gay beliefs)

3/21/16   The White Horse Prophecy: Glenn Beck Tells Utah That God Has Chosen The Mormons To Save America By Electing Ted Cruz   See Political News

3/20/16  Report: World’s Happiest Countries Are Also Least Religious 

3/19/16   Nano-balls filled with poison wipe out metastatic cancer in mice  See Science News

3/18/16 Mother Teresa should not be made a saint and here’s why

3/18/16 Ken Ham Accuses Neil deGrasse Tyson of Teaching Students to ‘Worship’ Naturalism

3/17/16  Alex Jones: Don’t Let Satan Steal Space Travel!  See Batshit Crazy News

3/14/16 American Pastor: Christian Children Should Be Taught To Be ‘Extremists’ Like Hitler Youth, ISIS

3/12/16    Antarctic history suggests ice sheet ‘danger’ threshold –  See Science News

3/11/16 No, Science Is Not Faith-Based

3/9/16  ‘Pro-life’ Idaho Republican thinks parents have a religious right to let kids die from treatable illness

3/8/16    Toddler died from meningitis after anti-vaxx parents treated him with maple syrup instead of medicine

3/6/16  California school board’s decision will greatly burden taxpayers 

3/5/16  Contrails from planes are really Chemtrails!  (a comic animation from Mr Deity and Brian Dunning)

3/4/16 FFRF ensures Arkansas religious outfits won’t receive grants

3./2/6   Blocked From The Bench: ‘Christian Nation’ Advocate Rick Green Loses Bid To Join Texas Supreme Court

3/1/16   How to Properly Become an Atheist

2/27/16 10 years in prison, 2,000 lashes for atheist tweets
2/24/16 Alex Jones: Obama Murdered Justice Scalia And Donald Trump Is Next 

2/24/16 Bryan Fischer Says That Every Abortion Is ‘Like Food For Demons’ – See Batshit Crazy news

2/23/16  Why Evangelicals Support Trump  (see political news)

2/22/16  South Carolina Legislators Propose Bill to Put “In God We Trust” Sign in Every Public School

2/14/16  Christian Pastor Preaches Against Women Having the Right to Vote or Getting a Job Outside the Home  See Batshit Crazy news

2/14/16   Substitute Leaves Note on Teacher’s Lesson Plan Urging Him to Expose Students to Creationism

2/14/16 Atheist Alternative to Air Force Basic Training Church Gatherings Hits Record Attendance

2/14/16  Atheists’ ‘Right to Know Act’ Is Introduced in AZ Legislature

2/13/16  In God We Trust  – See Church State news

2/13/16    John Kasich: “We Shouldn’t Try To Fix Climate Change Because That’s The Creator’s Wish”  See Climate Change news

2/12/16  Ky. lawmaker files bill requiring men to meet with doctor, pledge marital fidelity on the Bible before getting erectile dysfunction drugs

2/11/16   Rise of human civilization tied to belief in punitive gods

2/9/16 How the Satanic Temple forced Phoenix lawmakers to ban public prayer

2/8/16  Are Militant Atheists Using Chemtrails to Poison the Angels in Heaven?   See Batshit Crazy news

2/6/16   Fearing Satan, Phoenix boots prayers

2/4/16 Saudi Court Spares Poet’s Life but Gives Him 8 Years and 800 Lashes

2/2/16 Contaminants Found in 92% of TCM Chinese Herbal Products

1/29/16 Bryan Fischer: ‘The Proper Christian Response’ To A Gay Couple’s Wedding Is ‘Grief And Sorrow’ –

1/22/16   FFRF gets Tennessee county board of education to remove Christian flag  – See church-state news

1/22/16   A second antiscience bill in Oklahoma (See Science/Anti-science news)

1/16/16  Scarborough: Colorado Shooting occurred because God’s ‘Hedge of Protection is Lowered’  also:  Scarborough: God Allowed Benghazi Attack Because ‘America is Mired in Sin’ 

1/14/16 Supreme Court agrees to hear case over separation of church and state (see Church State news)

1/13/16  Scalia dismisses concept of religious neutrality in speech

1/13/16   In 100 Years, Will People Still Believe in God?  (video)

1/12/16    This graph shows how strongly people around the world feel about religion

1/11/16    Atheism is a science of living & giving  (India atheist conference)

1/9/16  3 Reasons Why Religious Americans Should Warm Up to Atheists

1/7/16  TX state court refuses to award continuing legal education accreditation to a class on Christian ethical perspectives

1/6/16 Jesus Who? The Historical Record Gives No Clue

1/4/16  Dog with Slice of Ham on Face Gets 1.3 Million Facebook Prayers (and Counting)  See Batshit Crazy News

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