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All Backyard Skeptics only meetings, debates, lectures and conferences are available to watch on our free streaming site HERE.  Use the dropdown list at the top to select which type of event you would like to watch.

The dropdown list consists of:

Debates: We have monthly debates between a Christian group from Huntington Beach, CA.  They are civil, moderated and concentrates on why people believe what is true in the world.  January’s debate was “The Historicity of Jesus’ with Dr Richard Carrier – quite entertaining.  November’s debate was one of the best debates we’ve had with atheist Heina Dadabhoy sparring with Christian Dr Dave Woods.  The topic was “Does God Exist?”  Many of the standard questions ere asked, including some surprisingly new ones such as the ‘mental state’.  Click here to watch and select the DEBATES from the dropdown list.

Monthly Meetings: We have many monthly meetings recorded with various subject matters – religion, science and special interest speakers.  Our BYS monthly meeting on November 22 was with author Bill Zuecher. He talked about the origions of Christianity from his new book called Examining Christianity.  To watch,  Click HERE and select the BYS monthly meetings from the dropdown list.

OCFA Conferences:  The last five years of the Orange County Freethought Alliance conferences are on line.  Our last annual conference was May w, 2015.  The next one will be April 30, 2016.    Watch any conference for a tax-deductible $15 HERE.

Other conferences available:

San Diego Humanist Conference 2013
San Diego Humanist Conference 2014
American Humanist Conference
American Atheists Convention 2013 

If you enjoy these videos please consider contributing a small amount to support our secular organization and to help spreading reason and critical thinking.