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streaming logoAll events, debates and conferences are available to watch on our streaming site HERE.  Use the dropdown list at the top to select which event you would like to watch.  

Our BYS monthly meeting on Oct 22 at 7:30pm will be with renowned author Dr Richard Carrier.  He will be speaking about the same topic as the following night’s debate – the Historicity of Jesus.  Click HERE and select the BYS monthly meetings from the dropdown list.  The quality is very low due to the low internet speed in the area. I will re-stream it in higher quality by Oct 25. 

This month’s debate in our ‘Atheists vs. Christian’  series is on the topic of the Historicity of Jesus. It’s on October 23, Thursday at the Huntington Beach Community Church.  Tune in at 7pm!   If you do not see the stream it means that we do not have enough bandwidth for broadcasting.  We will load it up on the afternoon of Oct 24.

Our last annual conference was May 3, 2014.   Watch all the lectures for a tax-deductible $15 HERE.  (Choose OCFA14 in the dropdown list) 

Here is a list of conferences and monthly meeting you will find in the dropdown list:

San Diego Humanist Conference 2013
San Diego Humanist Conference 2014
American Humanist Conference, coming June 2, 2014
Orange County Freethought Alliance Conference 2013
Orange County Freethought Alliance conference 2014
Backyard Skeptics monthly meetings
Monthly BYS Debates/Discussions
American Atheists Convention 2013 ($2 for each lecture)

If you enjoy these videos please consider contributing a small amount to support our secular organization and to help spreading reason and critical thinking.