The TEARrified Bible

This page allows people to post a picture of themselves tearing out their favorite immoral verse of the Bible. The purpose of this is to demonstrate the Bible in all its immoral  glory and to also educate others about their tearable (ha!) verses.  Many verses are so immoral that one would immediately be thrown in jail if one lived by them.   We’re doing exactly what Jefferson did with his Bible.   This page proves that believers in Christianity actually have better morals than their bronze-aged text by rejecting many tenants of the Bible.  Of course there are many good passages in this holy book – but few which are not reflected in passages from other holy books as well.

You may also tear TWO Bible verses out if you find a good contradiction in two separate verses, which is easy – there are over 2500 of them!

If you like, mention the book, chapter and verse you would like us to add to your photo. Ex-Muslims are welcome as well, if you’d like to rip from any other book.

Email your photo at our CONTACTS page or to

Michael M, Deuteronomy 22:28-29 Rape. More below

Warren, Judges 21:10-24 Rape

Delaine, 2 Samuel 12:11-14 Murder, rape, pillage

Bruce Gleason, Numbers 31 36,000 people killed

Ed, Exodus 22:19 Death to followers of other religions

Greg Deuteronomy 21 Stone your son


Vince- Leviticus 20:13 Kill homosexuals


Katie – Exodus 22:17 Kill witches

TD- Deuteronomy 17:12 Kill people who don;t listen to preists

Greg A

Greg -A Leviticus 20:27 Kill fortunetellers

Christine J. – Exodus 21:15 Death for hitting dad

Jeff S. – Leviticus 21:9 Death for fornucation

Mark – Curse The Children (Numbers 14:33-34)

Greg A
Greg -A Leviticus 20:27 Kill fortunetellers

More: Michael M. I am tearing out Deuteronomy 22:28-29, one of the most offensive and vile pieces from the Bible. I disagree with the Christian god on this matter. He thinks the best course of action after a virgin is raped is that she be sold like property to her attacker, then forced to marry him with no option for divorce. I side with the victim, and see no humane reason why she’d be forced to marry her rapist. If we put this god’s plan into action today, people would (justifiably) go nuts. This is just one example of why morality for decent human beings does NOT come from the Bible.

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  1. Mike says:

    Michael’s first post betrays a complete ignorance of history, anthropology,and human sociology in juxtaposing a 21st century understanding of “what is and what should be” with the harsh reality of an ancient time period. Judeo/Christianity came into existence in world already set up and functioning in certain ways. It had to survive, assimilate, and then effect the change that allows Michael to speak his mind and hold his opinions and moral judgements to a 21st century standard.
    It would be particulary amusing to see Michael try to convince Egypt’s Queen Nefertiri of the moral responsibility of buying car insurance.

  2. Julieann Collier says:

    Um, this kind of freaks me out. If you are an athiest/agnostic whatever your belief or non belief, I think that you should still adhere to the principle of basic respect for human beings. If human beings want to use Christianity or any other Religion as their spirituality I think they should be allowed to do so with dignity and respect. Destroying the property or attacking the words of religions and other belief systems is not a respectful. Destructing other people’s religious and spiritual artifacts is is NO way a respectful behavior, despite your agreement or disagreement with them. I was in support of this website and this group, because I support free thinking/critical and analytical thinking. This website, and the actions and behaviors of the people that I have seen in these groups and websites have NOT at all fostered growth or human development. The activities and actions of people on this website have been destructive and with the intent to destroy or diminish something that may belong to others SUCH AS A BELIEF.

    It saddens me, it truly does, that a group such as this that could be so effective in growth in the world, has taken the wrong approach, and acted in ways that make contradict the very principles and goals that they supposedly stand for.

    This group is just like the BIBLE…it is filled with human beings who adhere to circular reasoning.

    I think you should continue to do what you do and promote free thinking, but I think some of your methods for presentation and belief systems need some deep evaluation. WHAT I DO BELIEVE is that this group is a RELIGIOUS CULT in and of itself that preaches a belief system to adhere to with corrupt and ill logical behaviors and practices.

    I THINK IF YOU WANT TO BE A FREE THINKER…RE THINK YOUR LITTLE GROUP OF “BELIEVERS” HERE and RETHINK your actions and presentations. Just a thought…from a free thinker.

    • Caroline says:

      I completely agree. We had a discussion in class abut this group and the billboard placed on the Santa Ana freeway. I strongly believe in expressing and practicing your own beliefs while respecting that of others’.

    • Michael says:


      I’m glad you “strongly believe in expressing and practicing your own beliefs,” but “respecting that of others” is a side issue. You’ve conflated the two as if they must go hand in hand; they do not. Sometimes people are going to get their feelings hurt, and you know what? So what? It is a part of life. No one is born with a right to NOT be offended. Do you think atheists appreciate all the God billboards and churches on every corner, all the while being told we’re immoral and are going to an eternal hell that we deserve? Do you REALLY think the existence of an atheist billboard amidst a sea of religion is the thing you should be attacking??? (Talk about siding with the oppressive giant!) Have you no concern for balance, free speech and fairness for ALL sides?

    • Michael says:

      It would take all day to pick apart the fallacies and misrepresentations you’ve conjured up, so I’ll pick a couple.

      Julieann – “WHAT I DO BELIEVE is that this group is a RELIGIOUS CULT in and of itself that preaches a belief system to adhere to with corrupt and ill logical behaviors and practices.”

      Please explain how *the rejection of belief in gods* can in ANY way be considered a religious cult? (While you’re at it, please explain how NOT collecting stamps is the same as collecting stamps…) Also, what “belief system” are you saying Backyard Skeptics preaches??? What “corrupt and ill logical behaviors and practices” do you think are happening within this group? If you don’t care for the sight of a Bible being torn apart, fine, but please share some insight and use some evidence (unless you get a kick out of slander and baseless accusations). Thanks.

  3. vincent says:

    I come from a christian family
    for 18 years i went to church
    then on my 18th birthday i walked outside and held a camera over my circumsized junk
    and pissed on a bible
    that was 6 months ago, my family disowned me, my mother sends me bibles once a week with a note begging me to come home christian. I drink 9 glasses of water everyday just for this.
    i have never been happier, my point being: I dont need a bible to be happy, this is my life, and i dont need a guy on a cloud to tell me how to live.
    if your family wont accept you as an atheist, im not saying to abandon them or pull what i did, but just get your priorities in order
    then decide what to do. i did, and im the happiest:
    atheist, democratic, gay SUPPORTING, abortion loving, bible desecrating, bastard on this planet.

    • jonathan says:

      dude, that was awesome.
      that entire situation would have been immoral except when you said to get your priorities right first, then do what has to be done.
      can you advise me on my family?
      i was away for several years (im 19), and i had no contact with my die hard christian family. After years of exposure to other religeons and several amazing things in India (red dot on forehead India), i dont see it as valid. I am a little distant from them and i feel a little left out since my dad moved on and has a new kid now.
      Im stuck!

  4. CHERYL says:

    DEAL 🙂

  5. Bill Ballistik says:

    I’m not tearing anything out of the bible in this house, the mistakes, the contradictions, God’s atrocities, those are my favorite parts.

    What makes me laugh the most about Christians is how they suddenly discover the “Live and let live” and “To each their own” and “Why can’t we all just get along” all of a sudden whenever the massive holes in their belief system are pointed out.

    Plot holes that Edward D. Wood himself would be embarrassed by.

    Tolerance, and other ideas that never crossed their minds even once before, all of a sudden that’s just “good sense” to them. What a good idea!

    Let them try to play with politics and influence laws that affect us all, and you’ll find it’s a different story.

    You guys quit trying to insert your theology in the laws that rule everybody else, quit trying to teach other people’s kids your dizzy fantasies in real schools..

    Then the rest of us will leave you alone, and quit picking at your ridiculously shaky belief systems.


  6. Katie M. says:

    Hey, my pic is up there, so cool! Nice work Bruce!

  7. Lux Occulta says:

    A god who is prepared to cast me into the fires of hell for all eternity because I cannot bring myself to believe in something with absolutely no proof is a seriously fucked up god.

    I’ll take my chances, thank you. If I was wrong, and I am made to burn in hell, then I was actually right – he is fucked up…

  8. Brandon says:

    This is a site for non-believers, But as a believer, who has experienced the miracles first hand that proves God exists, that Jesus is our Savior and the Bibles is the True, Living Word Of God, wouldn’t i be a hypocrate if i did not tell everyone about Him. How much would i have to hate those who are “Lost” to not to tell them the Good News and to warn them. How much would i have to be intolerant to say that the little of the “world” temporary pleasures that i have given up, have been nothing compared to what I have gained. You have the right to make the choice to follow God or not, That is the point, We were given that option and i hope that some of you will realize that God is always there even when the “world” turns its back on you. That we are raised in this age to isolate ourselves and to not get involved in peoples lives, But i say that we need to stop standing on the sidelines as our families get swept away in tides of sarcasm, hate, drugs, passivity and unresolved childhood wounds. Jesus is the Truth, The Life and The Way. Christianity is not a religion but a relationship with Jesus, that is hard to grasp if you keep trying to run your own life. It is man is faliable and who does evil, but God is faithful even when we are not.
    “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12 :30-31

    • zanism says:

      Christians just don’t seem to quite get it and I really think this must be because they are so fearful of life with out God to the point where even considering another view that is logical feels like a sin.
      I am pretty certain the skeptics on here know plenty about “god”, pretty much can guarantee most of us have read the bible too. There is no “good news” to be shared, no need for warning–we get it, we know, we understand the message fine, just because we don’t believe in the Christian faith, does not mean we don’t understand.
      You say you’ve “given up world temporary pleasures” and “gained something from that”? I think that is wonderful. However for me personally I haven’t ever had to give up anything to live a good life. I do it automatically. I take pride in being a good person and making good decisions. I have always been this way.
      I don’t understand what you mean by “the world turning it’s back on you”. That life will end? Kind of a dramatic way of putting it doncha think? It’s the way life works, life ends this doesn’t mean the world is out to get me. That the world is “evil”.
      Getting involved in people’s lives is a good thing, friend. I don’t personally have an agenda against sarcasm, but yes hate, drugs, passivity, and unresolved childhood wounds are very terrible things. But what do you know? I feel the same way, hold the same beliefs for the most part, want to live a good and kind life, and huh… I didn’t quite need Jesus or God to do it. I don’t need a “relationship with Jesus”, I’m doing just fine.
      Say there is a god. If this is a good god, what reasoning would he have to deny heaven to me if I am a good person that does morally right things, just because I do not worship him? What does it say about god, if the most important thing to him is to worship him? Hm? Does this quite line up with all of these thoughts of love, and doing the right thing? It just doesn’t logically add up.
      I think in many cases the idea of god is a really nice concept. But we are not talking about choice here, we are talking about belief. If I were to decide to be a Christian tomorrow, I would be living my life a lie. It just doesn’t feel right, as much as I would like to–I mean how easy it would be to have this amazing faith that answers everything, but I can’t do it in an honest way. At the end of everything, I just don’t believe it.
      You can’t argue belief, you can’t impose it on other people. It is a personal decision based on what feels right. You can’t change another person’s belief. I have absolutely no problem with religion–but I do have a problem with other people imposing their beliefs on others. It’s not a question of morality. This is the problem with the Republican party and this is why they are failing. They have no business fusing religious beliefs with politics, the whole country does not feel this way. So until this party can solely focus on government with out trying to impose a Christian agenda, your going to have a majority of people revolting against it in order to protect their own rights and freedom. You can’t expect to get anywhere by trying to change an honest person’s beliefs.

  9. Erin says:

    I personally am not a non-believer. I’m also not a believer in the regular sense of the word but I do believe in God. That being said, I think this is hilarious. First of all, it’s great you people believe in something this strongly (even if it doesn’t agree with my beliefs) and that you’re intelligent enough to back up your reasoning behind it. Second of all, the idiots that comment on here about God and how you’ll be sorry .. blah blah blah .. are hilarious as well. This is a website for NON-BELIEVERS. You’re all just proving their points even farther by shoving religion down people’s throats. Shutup and go to church if you don’t like it .. pray for their souls while you’re at it if it makes you feel better. Anyways- although I don’t share your views, keep it up!

  10. Mike says:

    All you people did was tear a page or two out of he written word…You still have to contend with the living word “JESUS”. I hope that goes well for ya.

    • Michael says:

      what does that mean? “the living word Jesus” ?
      Those are just words strung together. Why not defend the rape and murder in your Good Book?

  11. CHERYL says:

    I just have one question for all of you…What if you are wrong? You have everything to lose. If we are wrong, we have lost nothing 🙂

    Is it worth the risk?

    If I were a bible scholar, I would try and defend some of your bible accusations, but unfortunately I don’t know enough scriptures to do that. I just know that my Jesus is real and I choose to believe in eternal life after this life. 🙂

    • Christian G says:

      Believing in something for fear of what can happen if you don’t believe in it is not believing, its just superstition.

    • CHERYL says:

      I don’t believe because I fear. I believe because I choose to believe. I have faith, which is believing without seeing 🙂

      This will all make sense some day. So, I ask you once again…What if you are wrong?

    • Howard Scherr says:

      You’ve lost plenty. You’ve traded your one chance to really experience the unadulterated wonder that is existence, for the comfort of a fantasy.

      Since Heaven is a fantasy, you’re never going to get another chance at this. Make the most of it.

    • nonbeliever5050 says:

      I can only speak for myself. The fact is that there are no hard, tangible facts (see, God, hear God, touch God, etc.) that God exist. And, another fact is that anything written or said cannot be verified or clarified. Yet, another fact is that the information has not been provided in a timely manner. There are no intelligent reasons for not having tangible facts for His existence and of course, accurate and timely information. The belief in God are based upon rumors, propaganda, hype, superstition, threats, and promise of award. Because of not having verifiable and clarifiable information, believers can be persuaded to commit horrible acts in the name of God. For example: suicide bombers, the World Trade Center, Jones Town, Daivd Koresh, Warren Jeff, Wayne Bendt and parents who denies their kids medical help because it is against their religion. The list is endless. Another thing that bothers me is that God is suppose to be so powerful that he can do anything but, provide accurate and timely information. There are many more things that I can say on the subject. I hope this will help you understand the reasons for me, being a nonbeliever.

    • Jeep says:

      oops I must have added a strike out I didn’t mean to it should read like this: According to what I know God knows all and sees all. So I dare say if your doing this to “be safe” to make sure your buddy buddy with God I would think he’d be able to see through it.
      In the Jewish faith which Christianity is based from (hence the old testament) says person who is not-Jewish (meaning Not a believer in God){remember Jews DO worship the same God as you they just don’t see Jesus as a savior} but considered “righteous” Will be just as well off as a Believer. Righteous in Judaism is someone who follows the Noahide laws: Don’t worship idols, Respect for human life, Respect for family, Respect the rights and property of others, Follow a judicial system, Respect all creatures. So if I’m wrong, being I’m a moral and righteous person because I have not broken these laws, I still get in so………………. what if we are wrong? I’d say it doesn’t mater. What if your wrong and the Hindus have it right?

    • Bill Ballistik says:

      “..if you are wrong? You have everything to lose. If we are wrong, we have lost nothing..”

      That’s always a good standby for Christians.. And one of the more craven tenets of their belief system too.

      IF you Christians are right you’re in trouble too, as often as your God changes his mind, be prepared to “walk on eggshells” around this moody, implacable beast for eternity.

      He could “repent” and reconsider where you’re staying any time, like he always did in the Bible..

      So if I believe in your God, solely to keep him from burning me forever, I’ll be in good with the rest of ya who profess to “love” this monster? Nice.

      You think you get the same points worshiping strictly from mortal horror?

      What a black-hearted religion you all have.

    • Michael says:

      This “what if you’re wrong” argument comes up a lot. The answer is: If I believed because I had nothing to lose and everything to gain (in your opinion), then omniscient God would see through such a ruse anyway. Hedging your bets is not a plausible reason for faith.
      I was a Christian for years. So I can say that I lost plenty. And my life is much more fulfilling as an Atheist.
      1st chapter of KJV genesis claims the holy spirit floated over the water before day 1, where’d the water come from?

  12. HouseHaunter454 says:

    Atheist are morally retarded because they support evils such as abortion and homosexual behavior.

  13. Robert Tobin says:

    I HATE the “Holy’ Bible so much this is what I did to it:

  14. Michael Martin says:

    I am the guy in the t-shirt which reads: I missed church for this.

    I am tearing out Deuteronomy 22:28-29, one of the most offensive and vile pieces from the Bible. I disagree with the Christian god on this matter. He thinks the best course of action after a virgin is raped is that she be sold like property to her attacker, then forced to marry him with no option for divorce. I side with the victim, and see no humane reason why she’d be forced to marry her rapist. If we put this god’s plan into action today, people would (justifiably) go nuts. This is just one example of why morality for decent human beings does NOT come from the Bible.

    • Friendly says:

      While the God (capital “G”) of the Old Testament is the same as the God of the New Testament, we are under a different covenant now than the people of the Old Testament were. God hasn’t changed, but things have… we have Jesus to thank for that. And historical documents reveal that Jesus was a real human who was cricified… if you can find his body here on Earth, maybe you’ll have a credible argument. Until then, stop getting offended by believers. As far as you’re concerned… their prayers aren’t going beyond earshot anyway.

    • Michael says:

      No one is arguing that that Jesus wasn’t a real human who wasn’t crucified. He just wasn’t the son of god, or god, or however you want to explain the Trinity. And we get offended by believers because you are on an atheist/agnostic/free thinking forum. You’re in our faces saying “stop getting offended” Does that make any sense at all? I’ve never, not once, gone on a Religious forum and posted a single word. But you trolls are all over any Rational Thread i’ve ever seen. You sir, are my credible argument against religion.

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