Atheists Make Better Lovers

About our Valentines day billboard:

The Register’s article HERE,  On CBS News HERE,  Christian Post HERE,


On Feb 2, 2016, Backyard Skeptics in association with American Atheists from New Jersey, placed a billboard off Harbor and First in Santa Ana, CA for 30 days.  This billboard was timed with Valentine’s day to promote a godless love day for lovers.  This photo was taken with some of the Backyard Skeptic Meetup members before heading off to a ‘billboard’ dinner.  Backyard Skeptics previously has placed over 14 secular billboards in Orange County promoting a non-theist worldview.  Some have been more controversial then others.  Many times a newspaper, magazine or tv news crews have released articles and news clips on our billboards.  With over 22% of Americans not affiliated with any religion (and increasing – 33% for those under 30), these billboards might become the ‘so what?’ billboards in the future!