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Our latest billboard is a bit on the humorous side, but comes with an important message – one has better sex without belief in a god.

On Feb 8, 2012, the local grass-roots skeptics/atheist group Backyard Skeptics in conjunction with American Atheists from New York has placed the 48×14 foot billboard with a picture of a couple in bed with the words ” Atheists make better lovers – after all, no one is watching”.   It is located on Beach Blvd about 3 miles south of the 22 freeway in the parking lot of the American Legion.

A 2010 article by Kanazawa mentions that atheists are more likely to be sexually exclusive (more loyal) and have higher IQ’s.

A study by Lefkowitz says religious people had less efficacy with condom use and strange thoughts about HIV risk.  Other studies have repeatedly found that religious people are less educated about sex, have higher teen pregnancy rates and have higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases.

Atheists make better lovers because they have less guilt about sex, while people believing in religious superstitions attach a negative aspect to sex.  We do not think a supernatural deity is watching us – neither in life nor in bed

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