Jesus – Did he exist?

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3/30/16  Top 10 Reasons Jesus Christ Never Existed


12/1/14  Ancient stone tablet may prove resurrection predated Jesus Christ

4/13/13  Did Jesus exist?

It is easy for anyone to believe what they have been told their entire life without examination. Once serious study is attempted on BOTH sides of any claim, the truth of the claim can usually be seen. If you are a believer, it is most likely you have learned from your peers or family, and have had confirmation bias that supports your belief from day one. It takes courage, reason and sometimes simple curiosity to study the opposite consensus of a belief system into which you are born and raised.

“The best way to find the truth on any issue is to examine the best argument against your current opinion”  Bruce Gleason


Why do Roman and Jewish writers who were alive during the time that Jesus is said to have lived not mention him? Contemporary historical accounts record lots of other messiah figures but somehow manage to miss the one which Christian texts claim posed such a huge threat to the powers that be that the Roman leaders had to crucify him. The first historic record of Jesus doesn’t come till CE 93 — more than a half century after the date given for Jesus’ Crucifixion — and that account, allegedly by Josephus, is widely disputed, as is another oft-cited mention of Jesus in 120 by Tacitus. Read more here:

For those who are reading this and believe Jesus was a real person or a man-God, please do your research on both sides before coming to a conclusion. It does no good to read the Bible and visit Bible classes if you want to know the true mythical history of Jesus and how legend building promoted him to a God. You will find that Paul, the first writer of a manned named Jesus, wrote about him many years after Jesus’ supposed time on earth (90 CE) and even though he wrote over 80,000 words, the only things he wrote about Jesus were the Crucifixion, the Resurrection and the Assention, and that Jesus was never a man-in-the-flesh, but instead a spiritual entity.   All the dozens of Bible stories were added later.  This does not make any sense, as Paul, who was closest in time to Jesus, should have known about the many other miracles and other stories if it was true.Watch”The God Who Wasn’t There” to learn how Jesus was a mythical figure turned in to a Man-God many years after his fabled life described by the church. I admit this was a very smart thing to do by the church, as most of the other gods that were worshipped before Jesus were supernatural deities and only a few had a human form as they say Jesus did, such as Zeus’ son.

The more you read and study the Bible, the more you can see there are too many contradictions to call this divinely created.

I admit there might have been a man called Jesus long ago – but there could have been many religious start-up leaders named Jesus.


Gods before Jesus were just like Jesus– search youtube “Truth about Religion”

Suppose I told you there was a GOD TEMPLATE (or HERO template) before Jesus’ time, and most of the major Gods had the same characteristics of Jesus? Why is this? If Jesus was so unique why DID all the Gods before him seem so similar? The answer is that for any god to be supernatural, there are some things that would be obvious to anyone wishing to make-up a god – immortality, miracles and being born of a virgin are common myths.


The Egyptian god Horus around 3000bc.
He was born on Dec 25. He was born of a virgin
There was a star in the East. He was visited by 3 kings
He was a teacher at 12. Baptized at 30
Had 12 disciples. He performed miracles
He was known as the Lamb of god, the light, the truth, the good sheppard
He was crucified and rose after 3 days

In Greece, about 120bc the god Attis
Born of a virgin on Dec 25
Rose after 3 days after being crucified

Krishna, India 900bc
Born of a virgin with a star in the East
Performed miracles
Was resurrected after his death

Dionysus – Greece 500bc
Born of a virgin. Born on Dec 25
Performed miracles
Was known as the ‘king of kings’
Was resurrected after his death

Mithra – Persia 1200bc
Born of a virgin. Born on Dec 25
Had 12 disciples
Worshipped on Sundays
Performed miracles
Was known as the ‘king of kings’, and the ‘alpha and omega’
Was resurrected after his death


The reason all these god share the same story is simple astrology

The bright star in the East is called Sirius followed by the three stars – the three kings


From the northern hemisphere, the sun goes south during the fall and seems to ‘die’ or stop going south for three days Dec 22,23,24 before returning to its northward journey.

Nearly all of the important things in the bible were taken from other gods much older than the Bible – Crucifixion, The ark of the covenant, The great flood, miracles, baptism, final judgment, virgin birth, circumcision, Easter, Christmas and many many more,.

See the youtube mentioned above as you will learn the truth about how religion follows astrology.

11 Responses to Jesus – Did he exist?

  1. Jess says:

    I’m not sure why Christians are on an Atheist site…I certainly wouldn’t go on a Christian site and speak about my beliefs there…I suppose they’re just looking for something to argue about.

  2. Kenny says:

    Horus is born on December 25th?
    That’s interesting, but….
    Yeah, you should probably take that down: it’s kinda diminishing your argument. That “fact” is irrelevant seeing as how everyone knows Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th.
    I’m trying to remain neutral here.

  3. yomama says:

    I am a christian and proud. I don’t go door to door or push my religion, but if someone asks then I don’t mind sharing God’s word. But I do believe christian, atheist, muslim, jew, etc. you shouldn’t judge or down grade someone and there belief. To me you aren’t even saying what you think, your just throwing God, Jesus, and the Holy Bible under the bus. I have never in my life seen people in my church or private christian school talk badly about an atheist, and yes I obviously know there are others who do. But my point is you don’t have to offend christians to get your point across. That picture you have that has someone holding a sign pointing to the sky saying “I’m with stupid” is plain out awful, rude, and offensive. I have never pointed a sign at an atheist and said I’m with stupid to them. So maybe if you want people to listen or what not, then don’t be so ignorent.

  4. Michael Kenyon says:

    I’m so sick of ignorant fools quoting Zeitgeist as being historically accurate. Acharya S can’t back any of it up with real facts. All of those claims that mythical Gods shared the same characteristics as Jesus have been thoroughly debunked and disproven, there is no actual evidence to support those claims. Although if you CAN actually prove it these guys will pay you cash money. Go to

  5. Brian Colon says:

    Could you please provide a link to the original text of these myths that Jesus is said to be a parallel of? Specifically with respect to Horus, I’d like to see proof that:

    He was born on Dec 25.
    He was born of a virgin
    There was a star in the East.
    He was visited by 3 kings
    He was a teacher at 12. Baptized at 30
    Had 12 disciples. He performed miracles
    He was known as the Lamb of god, the light, the truth, the good sheppard
    He was crucified and rose after 3 days

    Also I find it interesting that you are attempting to prove that Jesus is parallel with these other mythical gods by saying that they were “Born on December 25” and “visited by 3 Kings” Since neither one of these facts are said about Jesus in the Bible. Being the honest, truth seeking, freethinkers you are, I’m sure you will have no problem supporting these claims with actual evidence.

  6. Jeff says:

    You guys are dead wrong to the arument that there are no secuilar confirmations on Jesus Christ. Not to mention the thousands of people who actually saw Jesus and the numerous apostles that wrote about HIM.

    You need to do much more research on this fact, before posting such claims.

    • Administrator says:

      Jeff – You (nor anyone – including us) should ever believe one book that said ‘thousands of people saw this or that’, especially when circular reasoning abounds within a religious context. You should study what most Biblical scholars agree with – that the apostles were anonymous and lived 2-4 generations after the mythical Jesus. And remember this is YOUR side telling me this. Why believe anything if it was written to confirm earlier writings? Example: Saints coming our of their graves – wow what a story that would make worldwide, not to mention locally! But there is no non-biblical record of this nor the many miracles of your said prophet. Sorry – you lose.

    • Jose Serna says:

      “Sorry – you lose.”

      Not very tactful if you want a healthy discussion, even if you disagree with someone else’s argument methods. chill. And thanks for giving us something to think about.

    • Brian Colon says:

      2-4 generations after Jesus? How long do you think a generation is? How many generations has it been since Vietnam? Do you know any Vietnam veterans? I do, and they can definitely tell stories of what happened to them. The latest the Gospel of Mark was written was 70 AD and remember this is YOUR side telling me this! (atheist scholars like Bart Ehrman, Marcus Borg, Gert Luudeman). Thats 40 years after the death of Jesus.

      Also keep in mind Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians mentions Jesus death, burial, resurection, and lists the eyewitnesses. All scholars agree that Paul wrote this letter in AD 55, but that in chapter 15:3-11 he is quoting an older oral tradition that goes back all the way to within 7 years of the crucifixion.

      Perhaps we should hear what Atheist Bart Ehrman has to say on the subject. Here he deals with an Atheist who tries to tell him that Jesus never existed…

    • Brian Colon says:

      Interesting discussion. Bart Ehrman discussed this on the “Infidel Guy Show.”

  7. Aaron says:

    Yo – i appreciate your views and think its good to share information but perhaps you could provide some sources on some of your information – for example, how could Horus be crucified when it wasnt a practice of the Ancient Egyptians? Also, from what ive read, Horus did die and and came back to life….but in the underworld – so yes there are some similarities, but arising to rule the dead and coming back to earth are 2 very different things. Much respect

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