How to defending yourself against Fundamentalist Christians and the Religious Right

How to defending yourself against Fundamentalist Christians

The Religious Right represents:

Anti-Public Education. Many conservative activists hope to dismantle public education in America. They strongly support school voucher proposals, which pull funds away from public schools. The right also opposes education standards and legislation to improve public schools (such as the federal Goals 2000 program), advocates schools prayer intiatives, and seeks to eliminate sex education. Anti-Free Speech. Conservatives are vigorously attacking materials with sexual content in the newsstand and on the Internet. In several states, the right has taken steps to curb artistic freedom of expression. Anti-Gay. The religious right aims to overturn existing anti-discrimination statutes that protect gay citzens. Tactics include cutting education funds to gay programs, barring recognition of same-sex marriages, and preventing gays and lesbians from adopting children.

Visit these sites to self-educate yourself on where America is headed if the RR continues to gain power in government.

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