God Is Imaginary – March 18, 2012

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Billboard Claims God Is Imaginary
On March 18, 2012 Backyard Skeptics placed a new secular billboard announcing that “God Is Imaginary – Choose Reality – It is better for everyone” in Westminster, CA
WHO: The largest Orange County based skeptics and atheist group, Backyard Skeptics
WHERE: American Legion in Westminster 14582 Beach Boulevard, Midway City, 2 miles south of the 33 freeway on the east side of Beach Blvd.
WHY: “There is not one scientific, empirical piece of evidence that any deity exists. It’s all based on faith.” says Bruce Gleason, Founder and director of a local grass-roots atheist group called Backyard Skeptics. “No matter how many people want their deity to exist, that doesn’t make it true” He adds “We feel that those who believe in an imaginary friend behaves, and more importantly votes, to support a theology which supports doctrines that harm others in our society. People should live to support less suffering in this world, not more suffering to be accepted into a mythical heaven.” Gleason believes that once a person is indoctrinated into a system that calls itself ‘truth’ or ‘all loving and all good’ they are hijacked by a doctrine which they refuse to confront in fear of reprisal from a god which doesn’t exist. In turn they behave to support that doctrine without researching why it causes more suffering.
The billboard is paid for by a Backyard Skeptics anonymous donor and the national organization American Atheists based in New Jersey.

9 Responses to God Is Imaginary – March 18, 2012

  1. Child of Balance says:

    Humans are emotional creatures.

    Those that are religious cause more problems and negative emotions to arise in the minds of others that do not choose to believe the same ideas.

    Group religion does not teach peace; It teaches to hate and cause more mental problems in others lives through arguing, which causes negative thoughts to arise.

    Religions create people who are haters of other people over differences in ideas.

    Thinking negative thoughts which creates negative feelings is the only form of hell for all human minds.

    Humans do not like when others break their rules and make them feel unhappy.

    This is a world and universe of matter created by Mother God, the reality designer.

    What most do not realize is that all souls were created by Father Satan, the life energy creator.

    Mother + Father = Children

    We are God and Satan’s children.

    Ying and Yang = Balance

    Evil is a word used to describe a negative point of view caused by one’s negative emotions.

    This reality is father’s game to you for his and your amusement.

    Do not continue to harm those that do not smile when you inflict a feeling of pain on them.

    Your mental problems are Father’s tests and gifts to you.

    The body is a shell created by Mother which Father uses for his souls(children) to run around and play in this world that Mother created.

    Souls are the smallest form of energies in existence.

    Life energy is recycled when its host body dies and, through the human perception of time, returns in the form of a different shell(human or animal body).

    Heaven and Hell are here on Earth. It all depends on your emotional state of mind.
    If you are not smiling and being happy, you are not in heaven. Souls cannot escape this reality.

    Father wants to see how long us children of theirs will last on this world Mother created for us before we decide to completely destroy and end the life game on this planet.

    Happyness is the only Heaven the human body will ever know.

    Have fun living in the body you are temporarily given. This is a world where you are supposed to find emotional balance until the moment that you can’t keep your body from dying.

  2. Mr. Coolige Rogers says:

    I believe that The Most High sent His Son Jesus to save His Children, however I don’t blame atheists on how they feel. Religion has caused 90% of the worlds problems and makes people stupid and act like programmed robots. You can blame the insane money scammer TBN preachers for the hate Christians recieve. I believe in GOD but I absolutely hate religion.

  3. Shelby Michael says:

    I was on vacation with my family and I saw this billboard. It made me feel really sad for all the people that don’t know Christ as their savior. One thing that I have always believed is that the number one thing today that is keeping non-christians away from Christ is Christians themselves. I want to openly apologize to anyone that has ever been hurt by a Christian, physically, emotionally, or mentally, and I want to tell you that Christ loves you.

    • Bruce says:

      Thats a very nice email – thanks for it – but I feel (and can easily prove) that people harm others when believing in a deity, and the idea that someone can supernaturally forgive sins is just ‘magic’ or hocus pocus. The reason we put the billboard up is to attract those who are the fence sitters – it’s not to insult Christians. Sorry if it might insult you.
      Maybe someday you will look at your Christ as I do when I look at Zeus or Poseidon, or any other God that everyone in a particular area believed at one time or another.

    • Shelby Michael says:

      I can agree that men in the past, and some here in the present, have used the title of Christian to work out their own agenda. Men are inherently evil. We all are. From the time we are born we have to be taught how to do what is right, not to do what is wrong.
      The True God, has always been. He was, and is, and He is coming back. One Glorious day, He is coming back! And every knee will bow down to Him and will know that He is the I am!
      I’m not really looking for a debate. If you don’t believe then you don’t believe. That is between you and God. What I really want to do, and hope to do with all my life is to show as many people as I can that there is hope.

  4. MaddLibb says:

    We live in Westminster and LOVE all the billboards. The “Atheists make better lovers,” one was my favorite!

  5. Dennis Huffman says:

    Would like to join the group for discussions every once in awhile.

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