2012 Evo-Cre Archive

2/22/12  Bad news from Texas – Bad Science and Persecution Complexes
12/21/12   New Orelans’ school policy bars teaching of creationism
12/11/12  Free schools must teach evolution, ministers announce
12/10/12 Bangert: The evolution of Gov. Pence starts here; another creation science bill looms  and also THIS article
12/1/12  Pat Robertson challenges creationism, cites dinosaurs
11/29/12  Gov. Jindal’s landmark education reform law faces day in court: John Maginnis
11/26/12   Intelligent design” bill expected in Montana
11/2/12  Intelligent Design Advocacy Not Reason For NASA Worker’s Dismissal, Judge Rules 
10/16/12  72 is the new 30: Modern humans excel at surviving longer
10/5/12  Human-Neandertal mating gets a new date
9/6/12  Science wins over creationism in South Korea
8/24/12  Bill Nye ‘the Science Guy’ slams creationists
Crashed updates from 6/16-8/23
6/24/12   Voices: Defending science: The link between creationism and climate change
6/15/12  Kansas official wants evolution concerns considered
6/15/12 BHA (British Humanist Association) welcomes plans to add evolution to primary curriculum
6/9/12   South Korea surrenders to creationist demands
6/1/12  Creationism Commotion: Georgia Church Opposes Evolution In Science Standards
5/28/12  Junk DNA’ Defines Differences Between Humans and Chimps
5/28/12 Scientist: Evolution debate will soon be history
5/18/12  Alabama legislation proposes off-campus religion classes for public school students
4/29/12  Antiscience effort falters in Oklahoma
4/10/12  Tennessee evolution bill becomes law without governor’s signature
4/2/12  Humans Had Fire 1M Years Ago
3/29/12  NCSE’s Opposition to Oklahoma’s antiscience bill
3/28/12  New ancestor grasped at walking
3/27/12  Order from disorder – Collective motion emerges spontaneously in wiggling protein strands
3/26/12    Creationism, Holocaust Denial and The ID Crowd
3/1/12 Credit-for-creationism scheme passes committee in Alabama
2/17/12   Indiana House speaker kills bill that would let creationism be taught in science class