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This page is dedicated to the religiously-prone creationist’s attempt to include a 6000 year-old earth in our public education system and to the evidence that evolution is true.  (see below for other good links)  See talkorigins.org for a complete debunking of creationism.

12/20/15   Growth Industry: New Study Illustrates How Creationist Tactics Keep Evolving

11/9/15  (Video)  Evolution of the human face

10/20/15   North Woods Trouble: Maine Governor Names Self-Avowed Creationist Education Commissioner

7/16/15  Creationists Targeting Teachers at the National Education Association

6/6/15  Over 40 Percent Of Americans Believe In Creationism, Survey Says

5/23/15  The surprising links between faith and evolution and climate denial — charted

5/4/15 DNA Refutes Evolution (video – see if you can find the fallacies)

3/28/15 Defending Darwin (article)

3/22/15  Creationism isn’t a science and doesn’t belong in science class: Matt Marshall, Center for Inquiry-Northeast Ohio 

3/9/15  Ancient fossils reveal diversity in the body structure of human ancestors

3/8/15  Evangelist Kent Hovind is arrested on 58 federal charges.  Video HERE

1/26/15  Creationism isn’t a science and doesn’t belong in science class: Matt Marshall, Center for Inquiry-Northeast Ohio

12/1/14   Evolution Less Accepted in U.S. Than Other Western Countries, Study Finds

11/22/14 Public Religion Research Institute: PRRI/AAR Religion, Values & Climate Change Survey

10/1/14  Colbert mocks Jindal’s cowardly stance on evolution 

6/22/14  Map: Publicly Funded Schools That Are Allowed to Teach Creationism 

3/27/14  Creationism in the classroom: Proposed vouchers could funnel more tax dollars to pseudo-science

3/20/14   Missouri bill would let parents pull kids from evolution classes

3/14/14  Bill to take unconstitutional creationism statute off books passes Senate committee: 

3/14/14 Darwin Day bill in Hawaii

3/10/14  Antiscience bill in Virginia dies  –   A second antiscience bill in Oklahoma

2/15/14   Jaw-inspiring: Ancient fish was pivotal in evolution of face (see evo-creo news)
2/4/14  Rivers of rock and gas froze ancient animals in time
1/25/14   Map: Publicly Funded Schools That Are Allowed to Teach Creationism
1/17/14 Ban the teaching of creationism in science lessons, says Alice Roberts
1/14/14  Antiscience bill introduced in Virginia
1/14/14  How We Got On Land, Bone by Bone
1/13/14  Discovery of New Tiktaalik Roseae Fossils Reveals Key Link in Evolution of Hind Limbs
1/8/14  Smithsonian scientist confirms missing link in big cat evolution
1/5/14   2013 Was a Terrible Year for Evolution
1/4/14  Public’s Views on Human Evolution
12/20/13 Texas Review Panel Rejects Creationist Objections to Pearson Biology Textbook
12/11/13 For the Creation Museum, my friends, holds all the truths you’re looking for if you want to understand the current insanity gripping the Republican Party.

11/7/13 Texas Conservatives Demand Science Textbooks Incorporate ‘Creation Science Based On Biblical Principles -

10/8/13   Texas Conservatives Demand Science Textbooks Incorporate ‘Creation Science Based On Biblical Principles’
8/8/13 Kentucky school officials  rejected claims that creationism should be included and that climate change should be removed.
7/27/13 Oxygen boost aided carnivore evolution in Cambrian Explosion
6/29/13  It’s not just atheists who want to keep creationism out of classrooms
6/24/13  FFRF fights Religious Right in Ohio
6/20/13  Sign the petition - Ban Creationism and Intelligent Design in the science classroom as federal law
5/12/13 Louisiana stuck with creationism: Repeal of Science Education Act fails
4/11/13 Intelligent design teaching at Murrysville’s Cornerstone Ministries stirs debate
3/15/13   Second antiscience bill dies in Oklahoma antievolution law. 
3/12/13  Lawrence Krauss: Stop Validating Ignorance
2/22/13 Four US states considering laws that challenge teaching of evolution
2/13/13  De-Evolution bill cloaked as ‘Critical Thinking” in Mossouri
1/26/13 Intelligent design” bill in Missouri
1/14/13 How 19-year-old activist Zack Kopplin is making life hell for Louisiana’s creationists
1/12/13 Creationists in trademark suit
1/9/13 (article) This I believe: we need to understand evolution, adaptation, and phenotype

Why Christians should not believe in creationism  and HERE

Why is creationism harmful?  and HERE

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