BYS Events and Field Trips

See our Meetup group HERE to see all of our events.

The following are special events which are on our meetup page:

We list events from all 14 secular groups in Orange County CA at our Other Local Groups page.    You’ll find dinner and supper groups, breakfast clubs, book clubs, church and separation organizations, and charity-oriented groups there.

Here’s a short list of field trips we have enjoyed:
Private 6-hour Mt Wilson 60″ Observatory night-gazing experience
Petroglyph overnight tour at China Lake
Visiting the Creation Museum in Santee, CA
‘Beer Not God’ Pub Crawl
Fossil hunting/geology trip in Buena Park
“Ask the Atheist” at the Huntington Beach pier (4 times a year)
Support church-state separation at the Mt Soledad Cross in San Diego
The ‘Mars’ dish – the largest communication dish in the world near Barstow, CA
A visit to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in  Pasadena
All these trips take most of the day, but they are fun educational and great for kids.  All of the trip’s pictures can be seen on our site under Past Meetups – 145 so far!

Events which the dates have not been set:
OC Astronomers club visit to Blackstar Canyon
Go-Cart night
Tattoo night
Dinner and a Movie – No Dinosaurs in Heaven
OC Astronomer overnighter to Borego Springs area
‘Clean the Road’ afternoon cleanup and dinner

 As you can see we are a very active group – come join the fun and socialization with other skeptics!