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The Christian Reich, Fetal Idolatry & Female Reproductive Enslavement 
by Charles Rulon

Emeritus, Life Sciences,  Long Beach City College

Overview:  The Christian Right is arguably the largest, best organized and most powerful force in American politics today. No other political group comes even close.  Yet, the uncompromising position of the Christian Right toward women with unwanted pregnancies puts an ugly face on democracy, on social justice and on the spirit of love and compassion.

It’s a position that demeans the intelligence and moral charac­ter of women and returns them to the Dark Ages of danger­ous illegal abortions.  How can any society ever expect its citizens to live in a way that is higher and more noble when it attempts to force women with unwanted pregnancies (a persistent and major reality throughout the entire history of humanity) to stay pregnant against their will—to be unwilling embryo incubators?

Where is the social justice in forcing women to stay pregnant against their will, to be obligatory breed­ing machines?  Where is the wisdom in placing women essen­tially in reproductive bondage to a patriarchal state?  Why hasn’t our nation wholeheartedly endorsed the fundamental right of women to be able to control their own repro­duc­tive futures — a right that is basic to female equality and human liberty?

DVD – Charles Rulon – Women’s Rights