Double-Whammy Billboards Sept, 2011

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Two billboards went up on Sept 22, 2011.  One on the south side of the 22 freeway at Valley view, and another on Chapman Ave east of the 55 freeway in Orange.

“Faith Has No Answers – It Only Impedes Questions” is the Garden Grove billboard. The picture is a man holding the Bible through prison bars.  The billboard has a double meaning – one is imprisoned by their religion and that religion has no answers.  This idea was from the south American atheists group.


The second billboard is 1 mile east of the 55 freeway on Chapman.  The message is “Make this a better world – Reject all religious superstitions, with about 35 superstitions listed at the bottom from many different religions. You’d be surprised at how many people of one religion think the superstitions of another religion are silly without examining their own superstitions!

The purpose of the billboards is to promote secularism, public education, and inspiration to examine one’s own belief system.  It the belief true both historically and factually?  Is the person believing in it a literalist or not?  If not, which parts would one ignore?  (see the Bible Tearing page in the NEWS section).  Additionally, if one is a non-believer, it gives them the option of joining a group where no religious dogma is allowed.

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