Church & State 2013 Archive

12/15/14 Judge orders Mt. Soledad cross removed but allows appeals

12/19/13 Supporters to Appeal Ruling to Remove the Mt. Soledad Cross

12/12/13 Right-wing radio host Bryan Fischer says First Amendment only protects Christians (Radio)

11/19/13  Church-State Watchdog Group Says Pierce County Budget Proposal To Give $7,000 To Child Evangelism Fellowship Is Clear Constitutional Violation
11/8/13  Should county land be used for church services?
10/3/13 Kansas School Board Votes in Favor of Student-Led Prayer During School Activities
9/18/13  U.S. to argue in Greece prayer case
9/5/13   Pledge of Allegiance challenged in Massachusetts Supreme Court
8/27/13   18 GOP Lawmakers Urge Court to Save 29-Ft Cross at Calif. War Memorial
8/26/12  Sign the Texas anti-science petition
8/20/13  Congress Should Ignore Report Calling For Legalization Of Pulpit Politicking, Says Americans United
8/19/13  Secular parent wins battle against Gideon Bibles in schools
8/9/13  (bad news) Obama administration backs prayer at local government meetings
8/1/13  For-Profit Firm Doesn’t Have Religious Freedom Right To Deny Workers Access To Contraceptives, Americans United Tells Court
7/24/13  Safety Check: Woman Praying On N.H. School Steps Without Permission Could Have Put Students At Risk
6/23/13 American Atheists  unveil America’s first-ever atheist-sponsored monument
6/22/13   Soledad cross may get federal protection
5/29/13  Kountze High School Cheerleaders Are Going Back to Court Over Their Bible Banners
5/24/13 Does Yoga In Schools Violate Separation Of Church And State?
5/23/13  The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case involving the Town of Greece, New York 
5/2/13 Atheist group sues over student-led religious assembly
4/10/13  Tennessee bill allows Christian counselors to reject suicidal LGBT students because of religious reasons
4/9/13  Poll Shows Many Americans Ill-Informed on Church-State Separation
4/3/13   Future of Mt. Soledad cross could hinge on meetings between lawyers
3/21/13  School prayer bill signed in Mississippi
3/11/13  Appeals Court Upholds Voucher Plan That Would Fund Religious Schools In Colorado
2/12/13  House OKs Funding to Rebuild Churches
1/23/13 Religious/Private Schools Have The ‘Choice,’ But Want Taxpayers To Foot The Bill 
1/8/12  Organizations Say Tuition Tax-Credit Program Violates New Hampshire Constitution
1/2/13 Major Church-State Developments From 2012
12/31/12   Companies Do Not Have The Right To Impose Owners’ Religion Onto Employees, Says Americans United