Church-State News

10/11/17 New Trump Administration Policies Are A Blueprint For Using Religion To Discriminate

5/21/17   TX gov. signs bill protecting pastors’ sermons

9/16/16   Judge Upholds Revised School Christmas Show Against Church-State Challenge

5/27/16  Texas school district cracks down on religious promotion after FFRF complaint

2/14/16 MSNBC’s Reid Suggests Cruz Would Establish Evangelical ‘National Church’

2/12/16  Newdow suing to remove God from our money

1/22/16 FFRF gets Tennessee county board of education to remove Christian flag  

1/15/16 Lawsuit demands US remove ‘In God We Trust’ from money  Also: another group of atheists are challenging the phrases “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance and “in God we trust” on U.S. currency.

1/14/16 Supreme Court agrees to hear case over separation of church and state

12/19/15  A Creationist Politician Will Now Oversee Education-Related Legislation in Arizona

9/28/15  Podcast: When religious liberty conflicts with LGBT rights, who wins?  (Click on the red banner on the right)

9/27/15  Barry Lynn talk on the Tomm Hartmann Show (Video)

8/15/15    Five Reasons America Is Not—And Has Never Been—A Christian Nation

7/1/15 Spectacular victory – Colorado vouchers ruled unconstitutional 

6/30/15   Sheriff plans to keep preaching in churches despite complaint

6/20/15   Supreme Court Made The Wrong Call In Texas License Plate Case, Says Americans United

6/15/15  Attorney in Chino church-and-state case a no-show at hearing


11/6/14 Anchorage private school won’t host state wrestling tournament after complaints about public prayer

10/21/14 Superintendent Responds to Claims of Football Coach Preaching Violations 

10/10/14  A Unanimous Church-State Decision from the Supreme Court?  Inmate requests right to have short beard

9/14/14    Americans United, Allies Ask Federal Appeals Court To Strike Down Texas’ Same-Sex Marriage Ban 

9/9/14   Ohio’s antiscience bill unimproved

9/5/13  Atheist group’s lawsuit against Orange County, Fl School District thrown out

8/14/14  Religion and State: School Vouchers and Clergy Parsonage

7/30/14  Hobby Lobby Articles  and MORE

6/30/14   U.S. Supreme Court declines to take up Mt. Soledad cross case

Church-state groups skeptical about Hobby Lobby Bible curriculum

5/1/14  Religion has no place in Alabama’s secular government

4/30/14  Separation of church and state protects minister

4/24/14  New Jersey Atheists Sue School District Over ‘Under God’ In Pledge Of Allegiance  More HERE

3/24/14 The Salvation Army’s White-Flag Surrender to Secularism

2/15/14 Bills seek 10 Commandments, prayers in schools
2/12/14  Bibles to be ejected from Iowa State University lodging