Church-State Articles

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If you’re looking for Church-State News, go to the main menu and release your mouse over the Menu item labels ‘Church-State News’. The following are only articles (not news)  related to this topic.
1/15/16   Hobby Lobby decision stinks!
8/10/12   The Most Influential Evangelist You’ve Never Heard Of
7/12/12   Build a wall between church and state  
5/9/12   Origins of Constitution not found in religion
4/21/12  Founders’ wisdom: Full religious freedom
3/30/12 Some legislators blur separation of church and state
3/20/12 Sanctity of church, state separation
3/21/12  Crisis of Conscience
3/21/12 What happens when there’s no separation between church and state
3/12/12 Relationship between church, state best left alone
3/1/12 Santorum makes me want to throw up
2/27/12  Reinforcing the church-state wall  LA Times article and it’s blowback Church-state wall: For America and religion