Church-State 2012 Archive

1/2/13 Major Church-State Developments From 2012
12/31/12   Companies Do Not Have The Right To Impose Owners’ Religion Onto Employees, Says Americans United
12/17/12 Religious Right Reacts To Sandy Hook Shooting By Blaming Lack Of God In Schools
12/7/12 Kansas Governor’s Promotion Of Fundamentalist Prayer Event Undermines Constitution
12/11/12  Judge rules voucher funding is unconstitutional
11/26/12  Short-Sighted Sentence: Okla. Judge’s Church-Attendance Mandate Is Wrong11/27/12  The separation of church and state comes to Riverside
11/26/12 The Good News Club sues the Buena Park School District
11/13/12  Church IRS Violations
11/2/12  Decorated Afghanistan War Veteran Sues North Carolina Town Over Sectarian Symbols At Veterans’ Memorial
11/1/12 IRS Not Enforcing Rules On Separation Of Church And State
10/26/12 Taxpayers Have Right To Challenge Church Control Of Federal Program
10/8/12  Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation seeks repeal of housing allowance for preachers
10/6/12   Secular groups fight OH Supreme Court appeal by fired preacher-teacher
10/3/12 FFRF files amicus brief in Texas prayer banner case
10/1/12  FFRF gets church property on tax rolls
9/29/12  Apparently, Church and State Are Still Not Separated: ACLU of Texas Reports
9/17/12 Church-State Watchdog Group Says Constitution Does Not Require Government To Let Churches Hold Worship Services In Schools
9/13/12 Del. County Council Drops Lord’s Prayer;
AU Urges Churches to Keep Out of Elections

9/8/12 Americans United Asks IRS To Investigate NYC Church That Endorsed Romney In Its Bulletin
8/31/12 Football Coach Toes Religious Line
9/5/12   Americans United urges appeals court to uphold access to birth control at Washington state pharmacies 
8/24/12   Atheists demand investigation of coach who let churches feed football team 
8/23/12  Gen. Norton A. Schwartz Believes in Separation of Church and State
8/20/12   Atheist groups protests central Pa. school board beginning meetings with Lord’s Prayer
8/18/12   Preaching politics from the pulpit: Liberty Counsel to send 100,000 “Silence Is Not An Option” packets to pastors
8/14/12   Atheists threaten water park over church discounts, claim civil rights violation
8/7/12  Missouri ‘Right To Pray’ Amendment Will Allow Creationists To Refuse To Study Evolution
7/22/12    Federal court rules Wisconsin schools’ graduations in church were unconstitutional

7/16/12 (local news!)  Americans United Again Urges Claremont City Council To Stop Supporting Religion
7/5/12   Ohio court to hear appeal of teacher in Bible case
6/23/12 “Stand Up for Religious Freedom” Rallies Are Religious Oppression
6/17/12  Church abuse victim faces trial for beating priest
6/14/12   FFRF ‘enlightens’ prayer pushing governor
6/11/12    Group Says State Violated Separation Of Church, State By Using Churches As Polling Places (video)
5/21/12 IRS Should Investigate Kentucky Church For Opposing Obama Re-Election, Says Americans United
5/17/12   Students, ministers weigh in on location of PikeView graduation
5/18/12   Watchdog, Parents File Suit Against South Carolina Release-Time Credits
5/7/12  North Carolina Amendment 1: Voters Weigh Gay Marriage Ban In Fight With National Implications
4/23/12   Mojave Cross land swap OK’d
4/17/12  Atheists want ten Commandments removed from PA high school  Video here
4/16 12    Separation of church and state should be held high  By FR. MICHAEL J. KAVANAUGH
4/16/12  Where Church-State line lies today (video)
4/14/12  TMLC Readies to Defend Memorial Crosses at Marine Base Atop Mount Horno
4/6/12  Americans United for Separation of Church and State asks Haslam to veto three bills
3/28/12 Hawaii to pay $100,000 for Capitol scuffle over prayer
3/21/12  Ten Commandments removed from Fentress schools; students carry message
3/20/12  Group wants church evicted from state property
3/19/12 Three Florida clergy ask Scott to veto school prayer bill
3/14/12 Separation of church, state has crumbled
3/8/12  When churches behave like businesses, different rules apply
3/3/12  Deception In North Dakota ‘Religious Liberty’ Amendment On June Ballot Would Jeopardize Rights Of Women, Taxpayers And Minorities, Critics Say
2/27/12  Reinforcing the church-state wall  LA Times article and it’s blowback Church-state wall: For America and religion  
2/23/12  Oklahoma’s constitutional separation of church and state measure could face repeal
2/21/12 Supreme Court won’t hear appeal of student’s anti-Christian lawsuit
2/21/12 (CNN Video) Teen wins lawsuit and gets a $40,000 scholarship fund
2/17/12 East Texas group favors end to church-state separation
2/17/12    Use New York schools for church? One battle in an ongoing fight
2/16/12  Church-State Watchdog Group Argues Against Sweeping Exemptions For Religious Groups In Health Care Law’s Birth Control Mandate
2/10/12 Medina Valley ISD settles prayer suit   also  ’The Good News Club’: proselytizing in the public schools
2/7/12 Protesters against the Mt Soledad cross invade press conference on same day the Supreme Court hears case  Article 1   Article 2   Article 3  Article 4
2/7/12 Mt Soledad cross remains – for now  Video of debate HERE  CNN video HERE