Are you a Skeptic?

Do you believe in Bigfoot? How about leprechauns? If not, then you might be a skeptic!

Skepticism is not the rejection of ideas or beliefs, but doubting and suspending our biased judgment about claims presented. Reasoning of such claims should be made under sound, consistent logic and not emotions or social pressure. Truth of factual claims is not determined by the emotion than accompanies them nor the fact that they might be believed by certain social groups.

Skeptics use critical thinking skills to determine if a claim is true.

If you have doubts about the following items, then you are probably a skeptic. Note that you can still believe in religion and be a skeptic.

That there is a civilization on Mars that built a building that looks like a face

UFOs or UFO abduction


911 Conspiracy

Magic Jewelry with magnetic healing properties

Healing Touch therapy

Ghosts or Orbs Roswell aliens An aura around you

Vaccines cause autism

Phrenology, physiognomy, palmistry, or iridology


Crop Circles Will ethanol save us?

Remote viewing (clairvoyance)

Chiropracting / Reflexology