2012 Science News Archive

11/29/12  Water Discovered on Mercury

11/26/12  Study challenges presumed age of Grand Canyon

11/25/12  Huge black hole found, 17 billion times the size of our Sun
10/6/12  Cancer cells executed by magnet
10/2/12 Car-crazy kid wins middle school science competition
10/1/12 Cohabiting black holes challenge theory
9/19/12 Study says people are inclined to help others
9/17/12  NASA Cooks Up Icy Organics to Mimic Life’s Origins
9/15/12  Uncertainty not so certain after all  –  Early formulation of famous physics principle undermined by lab experiments
9/12/12 How to walk on water
8/14/12   Scientists develop ‘bionic eye’ which could restore sight to the blind
7/22/12  Gorilla Youngsters Seen Dismantling Poachers’ Traps—A First
7/16/12 Blog: Higgs hysteria
6/15/12   No Earth Impact in 2040: NASA Releases Workshop Data and Findings On Asteroid 2011 AG5
6/13/12  Alien Earths Could Form Earlier Than Expected
5/17/12   Toothless No More – Researchers Using Stem Cells to Grow New Teeth

5/15/12  Looks Matter More Than Reputation When It Comes to Trusting People With Our Money
5/14/12   Black Holes Turn Up the Heat for the Universe
5/1/12  Scientists take temperature of dinosaurs (older but interesting)
4/28/12 Hypersonic HTV-2 bails at Mach 20
4/15/12  Hunt for cosmic ray source falls short
4/12/12  Engineered Stem Cells Seek out and Kill HIV in Living Mice
4/10/12 Robot running cheeta breaks record (video)
4/8/12  Where has science been wrong? (not really news, but an interesting site)
4/7/12 NASA Researcher Claims to Have Found Alien Lifeform
4/7/12   T. rex has another fine, feathered cousin
4/6/12  Next Great Depression? MIT researchers predict ‘global economic collapse’ by 2030
4/2/12 Crystals may be possible in time as well as space
3/28/12 Life’s building blocks grow close to home

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