Yes – Our monthly meetings are really in a backyard!

Scientific discussion and debate wash over me like a refreshing shower of reason, cleansing me from the bombardment of conservative, supernatural beliefs. ”  From Kristen, a BYS member

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The next OCFA – Orange County Freeethought Alliance is August 12 in Orange County and August 13 in Los Angeles – Click HERE. 

Announcing Los Angeles’ newest annual scientific conference: LogiCalLA.  February 9-11, 2018 in Los Angeles.  Venue to be announced soon.

Backyard Skeptics is the largest scientific skeptic/atheist organization in Orange County, California with over 1400 members in five different chapters and growing.  We are active in advocating the position of non-belief, science advocacy  and the support of church and state separation.   We are a community of non-theists, skeptics, atheists, humanists, anti-theists and evidencialists (we need empirical evidence and scientific consensus of any claim to accept it as true).

600_178630592 Besides our entertaining and enlightening monthly meetings (available to see free on line HERE) , we also organize entertaining events  such as monthly debates, field trips to science-oriented events, movie nights, solstice parties, Skeptics at the Pub nights, camping trips (see pixs below) special dinner show events and local debates.  We also sponsor Orange County’s only Freethought Conference and the LogiCal-LA conference on January 13-15, 2017 at the Concourse hotel next to LAX..

All of our events are announced from our MEETUP page where everyone is welcome to join.  Only Meetup members can see where and when each event happen.  Joining is free on the Meetup page but we ask for a small voluntary donation.  We’ve had over 500 past Meetups and usually have 5-8 events per month.  You can join any one (or more) of our five chapters: Central OC (the main group) South OC, Long Beach and Los Angeles and our informal Skeptics at the Pub which dines at local Irish pubs. Each group has it’s own flavor, but we recommend joining the main Backyard Skeptics (Central OC) group so you can receive all the major announcements.  If you agnostic, atheist, or just on the fence about religion and looking for a community of non-theists, you’re welcome to join our group.

Our News sections are updated almost daily – Recent News, Science/Anti-Science, Politics, Church-State, Evolution, Climate Change and my favorite- Batshit Crazy News.  Check them out and bookmark them.  Also you can receive the weekly BYS news through a free subscription at the top right side of this page.

Enjoying a great day on our overnight camping trip at Joshua Tree

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Our video streaming page has many videos from our monthly meetings, the OC Freethought Alliance conferences and monthly debates.  Most are free.

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